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Inside Wire Maintenance Plan - Business

Inside Wire Maintenance Plan - Business

What is the Hawaiian Telcom Inside Wire Maintenance Plan?

When you have a problem with Inside Wiring, Coax, Ethernet (CAT5), Telephone Jacks and Data Jacks inside your office, you want it addressed as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Inside Wire Maintenance Plan (IWMP) is an OPTIONAL monthly service for customers that does just that. The Plan ensures that Hawaiian Telcom will send an experienced technician to solve the problem at no cost beyond the regular, monthly charge for inside wire maintenance service.

What is the difference between “inside” and “outside” wiring?

Telephone lines are connected to a Network Interface Device (NID), usually located on the outside wall of your office. We refer to these lines and the NID as outside wire (or Hawaiian Telcom’s Network Facilities). From the NID, telephone lines extend inside, to the jacks where you plug in your phones. This wiring is referred to as a “inside wire.”

Outside wire up to and including the NID is covered by the fee you pay for your basic phone service.

The Inside Wire Maintenance Plan covers all inside wiring, from the NID to (and including) the jacks.

When does my IWMP go into effect?

Your Inside Wire Maintenance Plan begins as soon as your new telephone service is activated. If you already have phone service, your IWMP is effective 30 days after you order it.

What problems can I expect with my jacks or wire?

The fact is, your telephone wire and jacks are made to last for many years and generally don’t malfunction just because of age. Nevertheless, everyday wear and tear can cause some damage (which is not covered under your basic phone service). With our IWMP, you’re no longer responsible for these unexpected and often expensive repairs. To subscribe to Hawaiian Telcom’s Inside Wire Maintenance Plan, please call a representative at 643-4411.

What is Covered?

The Inside Wire Maintenance Plan includes these valuable benefits:

  • Repair and/or replacement of any connected and previously working inside wire and jacks that develop service problems.
  • Coverage on all newly and properly installed or relocated standard telephone inside wire jacks.
  • Diagnostic work to determine where the problem is located.
  • The plan does include letting you know if the problem is in the equipment so that you can have the equipment repaired.
  • Discounted labor rates to add new wiring and jacks.

What is Not Covered?

Inside Wire Maintenance Plan coverage does not cover:

  • Repair of telephone instruments and other devices, such as computer modems/ routers associated with high-speed Internet service and answering machines, connected to the inside wiring and jacks.
  • Inside wiring and jacks for marine activity, recreational vehicles (RVs) and construction trailers or other temporary or moveable structures.
  • Damage due to natural disasters, floods, or acts of God, other than lightning.
  • Repair of damage due to malicious activity, vandalism, riot or civil disturbance.
  • The plan does not include repair of the phone or other equipment, such as answering machines and computer modems/routers associated with high-speed Internet service, connected to the jacks.
  • Hawaiian Telcom employees do not install new inside wire between walls of existing offices unless conduit is present. New inside wire will be mounted inside the premise externally on a wall following the floor molding and routed around door frames.
  • Non-standard wiring. This is wiring that does not meet telephone industry standards or the National Electric Code Material Standards for carrying telephone signals. Non-standard wiring may work in some situations, such as for single line service, but may not work properly in other situations, such as for two line service where you may get crosstalk.

The plan does include a 50% discount on parts and labor rates to replace nonstandard wire with wiring that does meet appropriate standards for telephone service.

Hassle-Free Service

You can enjoy the benefits of our IWMP for just pennies a day. The charge applies to each line in your office. If you choose not to sign up for the plan and you can call Hawaiian Telcom for repairs, you’ll be billed at the standard rate (a minimum hour at $110.00 per hour. Beyond the first hour, the charge is $46.00 per ½ hour interval (or portion thereof). Repairs are often completed within an hour but some require additional time, depending on conditions at your office.

Additional Information

IWMP is an unregulated monthly service that can be cancelled or changed at any time. If you’re not a subscriber and you have a problem with your inside wiring or jacks, you can still call Hawaiian Telcom to do the repairs. Other companies can also be hired to perform the service.

For those renting office space: landlords may be responsible for the repair and maintenance of inside wire, so check with your landlord or read your lease to determine if you or the landlord is responsible.

IWMP is available on a per line basis. ISDN and other specialty lines are not eligible. Business rates may differ and IWMP is not available on lines that terminate at a key/ PBX system.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Hawaiian Telcom be liable for incidental, consequential or special damages, including loss of income, profits or data.

Quoted rates subject to change. You do not need to purchase wire maintenance service in order to obtain basic telephone service. If you purchase inside wire maintenance service, you may cancel it at any time.

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