Corporate Environmental Policy

Connecting People. Our vision is to connect people, free from waste or pollution, enhancing environmental quality and health in our communities. Complying with environmental laws and regulations is a foundation to our operations; however, we aspire to higher standards and commit to continuous improvement of our environmental policies and practices. We will educate and inform our stakeholders and strive for innovation that will complement our business strategy. Our aspiration is to eliminate any negative environmental impact from our business activities, creating social value, environmental health and connection as our “footprint.”

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Policy. Hawaiian Telcom requires all of its employees, business units, contractors, vendors and others involved in business with our company to follow this Environmental Management Policy. It is our policy to:

  • Prioritize health, safety and wellness for our employees, customers, neighbors, and ecosystems with whom we are interdependent • Prevent pollution foremost before managing its impacts
  • Commit fully to complying with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Proactively protect the environment throughout our business activities; for example, exhibiting best practices in spill prevention, material handling, refrigerant management, and other key facets of environmental management
  • Take urgent, meaningful, science-based climate actions, reducing first our own greenhouse gas emissions and those emitted by others on our behalf, including our logistics and supply chain • Favor sustainable procurement, with the aim of using environmentally responsible products in balance with quality, availability, and economics
  • Eliminate waste associated with business activities, materials and equipment and seek (in prioritized order) reuse, refurbishment, resale, or recycling before disposal, whenever possible.
  • Stay abreast of new technologies and innovation to assist with environmental protection and adopt new technologies and practices where effective and feasible.
  • When considering mergers or acquisitions, identify potential environmental risks through due-diligence, and make selections that minimize additional risks and/or environmental burdens.


Governance. The Hawaiian Telcom ESG Committee makes recommendations on decisions related to the company-wide implementation of environmental management to the CEO. The COO of CBT and the President of CBTS manage operational environmental management for their respective business lines, with advisement from the Director of Sustainability and the General Counsel. Overarching oversight, policy, internal and public reporting and strategic direction are formulated by the ESG Committee and recommended directly to the CEO, who makes the related decisions.


Transparency. Hawaiian Telcom discloses its environmental management policy and its performance to its customers, employees, and other stakeholders in a transparent manner via annual reporting. We will share our progress towards our environmental goals using clear, consistent benchmarks. Our intent is to build trust with our partners, employees and customers when engaging our products and services.