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SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking simplifies and connects your business’s mission-critical communications. This scalable, cost-effective IP solution delivers enterprise-class voice and unified communications services directly to your IP PBX.

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Based on Hawaiian Telcom’s robust cloud infrastructure, SIP delivers reliable voice calls to offices statewide.

Our reliable network and superior disaster recovery solutions ensure that your company’s employees can always connect, communicate and collaborate.


  • Lower costs: Pay only for the bandwidth and call capacity you need; share trunks across your entire organization
  • Scalability: Add trunks quickly to meet growing traffic demands
  • Superior disaster recovery: Instantly re-route your communications to another site or individual telephone number


  • Local number portability: Keep your existing numbers, without the need for call forwarding
  • Voice & fax media: Support for G.711, G.729 and T.38 codecs
  • Reliability: All services are delivered over a high-performance, policy-based network which prioritizes your voice traffic over Internet data
  • Support: 24/7 locally-based expert help when you need it


Our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) capability helps your business boost productivity by merging voice and data into a single, all-digital networking service. It provides a powerful local access service, clear digital voice quality and ISDN data capabilities, all on a single T-1 line — all without the additional expense of multiple dedicated circuits. PRI technology connects customers directly to our local network, and offers high-speed, high-capacity digital connectivity, intelligent call handling and Caller ID functionality. It is ideal for business offices already deploying a PBX, or for large call centers.

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  • Increased efficiency and improved quality
  • Enhanced voice and data capabilities at an affordable price
  • Uses existing standard phone cabling
  • 24/7 local, expert support and service
  • Ideal for Call Center applications


  • Two-way bandwidth
  • Single phone line can have multiple numbers
  • Fast, error-free transmissions
  • Dynamically allocated channels

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