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Our customized data center services are designed to improve the performance of your IT infrastructure while saving you time, money and headaches.

Data Center products

Virtual Colocation

Host your data in a trusted and secure external data center environment without needing to supply the physical equipment.

These “virtualized” host servers are attached to high-performance, redundant Storage Area Networks (SANs) for customer data storage. With Virtual Colocation your capital costs for the server environment are thus eliminated, as are the significant overhead and maintenance of a physical environment.


  • Eliminate capital costs associated with physical servers and their refresh cycle
  • Zero physical server maintenance
  • Rapid turn-up of virtual workstations
  • Lower initial costs to traditional colocation and physical servers
  • Greater uptime via redundant, stable, virtual computing environment


Our flexible offsite solutions that reduce the overall cost and risk of building out your computing infrastructure.

Our Tier 3-level data center services allow you to house your servers within an environmentally stable and physically secure colocation space with redundant electrical power and cooling systems. We can also design a wide range of custom solutions to meet your needs, and of course provide all the onsite assistance you need to help troubleshoot issues.


  • Scalable, low cost solution
  • Critical servers reside in a secure Tier 3 data center
  • Redundant electrical power, physical security and surveillance, and environmental controls
  • Variety of rack space options including individual rack units, full cabinets and cages

Data Backup and Recovery

Fast, reliable, scalable and secure backup services for Hawaii’s enterprises.

Our solutions relieve customers of the challenges inherent in backing up and managing their continually growing and changing data sets, while adding the additional protection of offsite backup.

Data Backup Services eliminate the risk of human error often associated with daily backup and recovery processes. Customers know with confidence exactly what has been backed up, and that it can be restored immediately if necessary. There is no software or hardware to purchase as the service includes the necessary software agents, along with all the support and maintenance required by the customer.


  • Guaranteed backup and recovery of data
  • Data is housed off-site in a secured facility and encrypted on the storage grid
  • Fast data backups and recovery within minimal time windows
  • Bandwidth-optimized, requiring minimal bandwidth for backup


  • Industry leading contingency planning and data management
  • Enterprise class back up and recovery at an affordable price point
  • Business continuity minded, security focused
  • Simple, Reliable and secure back up management and recovery solutions


SystemMetrics is a subsidiary of Hawaiian Telcom. SystemMetrics Virtual Colocation, Colocation and Data Backup & Recovery Services, along with a portfolio of complete, turnkey IT solutions are all safely housed within the protected environment of SystemMetrics’ Endeavor data center facility. Learn more at


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