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Business Voice Upgrade Information


Business Voice Upgrade Information

Aloha and thank you for being a loyal customer! Improving our service and providing our customers with the best business solutions available are top priorities for us. For those reasons, we’ll be upgrading your current Hosted Voice Phone service to Hawaiian Telcom’s Business Voice Essentials Service. This upgrade will be provided at no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  What are some of the new features you can expect with this new Business Voice solution? 
A:  Some of the new features include:

  • Better Audio and Video Conferencing features
  • Increased security encryption
  • Advanced IVR and Call Recording
  • An expanded Customer Support

In addition to the upgraded features listed above, upon migration your business will have access to the Broadworks Web Portal, which will allow you and your staff to make certain updates or changes instantaneously to your profiles, and configurations.


Q: What kinds of updates and changes can I make via the web portal? 
A: Features that can be managed by you and your staff via the web portal include:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Simultaneous/ Sequential Ring
  • Profile names
  • Voicemail to email (email address updates or add/remove email for voicemail to email feature)
  • Automated Attendant changes
  • Schedule changes

Advanced changes to your profile such as, Hunt Group changes, adding/removing additional numbers and/or phone equipment to your group, or other provisioning changes, cannot be made via the web portal. For changes of this nature, please contact your Sales Representative, and an order for your changes will be processed by a Hawaiian Telcom Service Coordinator. Some changes may require additional fees.


Q: Will I need new phone hardware for this upgrade?

 A: Some customers may require new hardware.  You will be notified if you do require new phones.  There will be no cost for the new phone hardware. 

Q: What kind of phone will it be?

 A: Your new phone hardware will be Polycom VVX350. 

Q: What platform will Hawaiian Telcom’s Business Voice Essentials Use?

 A: Cisco Broadworks platform


Q: Will I receive a Hawaiian Telcom Bill?   

 A: Yes, once your service is upgraded you will have a Hawaiian Telcom bill for your voice services


Q: Will I still receive the same Long Distance Plan?  

 A: No, you will receive Unlimited Nationwide Calling, and International Country can be enabled or disabled. International per min rates vary by country. Inquire with your Account Manager for plans that allow discounts on International per min rates


How to Prepare for Your Upgrade

2 – 3 days before your scheduled upgrade:
  • Please make sure to inventory the phone shipment to ensure you have the correct number of phones.
  • Your Hawaiian Telcom service coordinator will reach out to you to confirm your appointment and that the equipment as arrived. They will also provide:
    • Mapping of which phones will go to which telephone number
    • User guides for phone, voicemail and administrator
    • Default passwords for voicemail and the web portal


1 – 2 days before your scheduled upgrade:


  • Please assemble the telephones and place them on their respective desks/office.
  • Please use only the newly provided phone equipment and adapters to ensure proper installation and operation of your phone system.
  • Please listen to your voicemail messages and take appropriate action, as they will not be available on the new system.


Day of upgrade:
  • Prior to your scheduled upgrade time, your Hawaiian Telcom service coordinator reach out to you to confirm the start time.
  • Please have your IT staff on site at the time of the scheduled cut-over.
  • The upgrade on each phone takes approximately 5 minutes or less. Once the upgrade is complete, your phones will be remotely reset and will be on the new service. 
  • If your staff had previously configured Find-Me-Follow-Me and Ring-Both features they will need to be reconfigured on the new system.
  • If using power adapters, please use ONLY the Power adapters provided with your new equipment.
  • Please refer to the User Guides below to learn about the features of your new Business Voice service.

For questions on your migration/upgrade process:
Call: 808-791-7084 (M-F, 8-4pm)



Programming your new phone system

Your new phone system is self-programmable.  However there may be changes that need to be done by Hawaiian Telcom/Systemmetrics to fit your businesses needs.  To make this transition as easy and seamless as possible for you, we will waive any remote software changes or programming requests for the first 30 days after installation.

Any changes that Hawaiian Telcom/SystemMetrics needs to make after the first 30 days will be estimated and charged to your account.

For questions on programming, call 808-643-4775 (M-F, 8am - 4pm)



Technical Support/Repair

You will receive a dedicated team for any technical support post migration.  You can access technical support information through your phone’s main menu or at the contact number below.

For questions on Technical Support/Repair, call 808-643-4774 (M-F, 8am-4pm)


User Guides

Please use the user guides below to help to you get up and running on your new phone system.  If you business would like private or on-site training on your new phone system, we can offer training starting at $300.  Please contact your assigned Account Manager to learn more.


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