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One-Time Payment Guidelines

One-Time Payment Guidelines


One-Time Payment (Online and Pay By Phone)

On November 8, 2020, Hawaiian Telcom will change vendors for One-time payments online and by phone from Paymentus to Invoice Cloud.

  • Customers that Pay by Phone will call a new toll-free phone number 855-844-1222, experience a new voice and different prompts.
  • A domestic billing zip code is required for payments by phone. If you have an international billing zip code, enter "99999."
  • Customers making an online payment in My Account at the Pay Now tab will experience a new payment flow.
  • Credit card per payment maximum amount 
  •      $500.00 Residential, $1,000.00 Business, $2,500.00 Government
  • Checking/savings per payment maximum amount
  •      $125,000.00 for all customer types
  • Pay By Text feature is now available.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I register for Pay by Text?
A:  A One-time payment is required to register for Pay by Text. Prior to payment confirmation, the Pay by Text option will display.

Q: I have an international zip code.  Can I pay by phone?
A: Yes, the Pay by Phone option requires a domestic billing zip code; however, if you have an international billing zip code, enter “99999.”

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