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Billing FAQs

Billing FAQs

How to Pay Your Bill

  • AutoPay  –   Enroll in AutoPay at
  • Mail - Hawaiian Telcom PO Box 30770; Honolulu HI 96820-0770
  • Phone – 855-844-1222 ($1.95 fee - residential, $3.95 fee - business)
  • Online – One-time payment ($1.95 fee - residential, $3.95 fee - business)
  • Bill Pay Service (set up with your bank) – fees may apply; refer to your bank for details
  • Prefer to pay in person? Pay by check or cash at any First Hawaiian Bank branch. Remittance slip required and $1.00 bank service fee applies. Valid ID required if you pay by cash.

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General Billing FAQs

Q. Does Hawaiian Telcom accept credit card payments? 
A. Yes, payments by credit card are accepted online, by phone and enrollment in AutoPay.

Q. Does Hawaiian Telcom accept Apple Pay and Google Pay?
A. Yes, payments by Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted online and mobile.

Q. Why should I enroll in AutoPay? 
A. Avoids payment service fees, saves time and avoids the hassle of missing a payment. Enroll in AutoPay today at It's free, simple, and avoids late fees. 

Q. Does my bill display a message when I’m enrolled in AutoPay? 
A. Yes, your bill will display AutoPay enrollment. You’ll receive a reminder email before AutoPay is processed. 

Q. How do I enroll in AutoPay? 
A. Click here to register in My Account. The items listed below are required to register.
• 15-digit Hawaiian Telcom Account Number - located on the top, center column of your monthly invoice
• Residential customers, service address zip code required
• Business customers, billing address zip code required (*) 
• Create a username and password 
• Valid email address

(*) Business customers with an international billing address zip code, Click here to view the “International Customers” article. 

Q. If I have more than one bill do I need to enroll each account? 
A. Yes. Each account will need to be accessed separately in My Account.

Q. Will I receive a bill in the mail if I enroll in AutoPay? 
A. Yes a paper bill will be mailed to you; however, you may choose to “Go Green” and opt for paperless billing by changing your preferences online. If you are enrolled in AutoPay, you’ll receive an email when your bill is ready.

Q. When are my AutoPay payments withdrawn from my bank account or charged to my credit card? 
A. AutoPay is processed 10 calendar days before your invoice due date. If you’re registered in My Account, we’ll send an email notification that your payment was processed.

Q. What will happen to my AutoPay if I closed my bank account or received my credit card with a new expiration date? 
A. Go online to and in the billing section update your payment information. Click here to view the “MyAccount – Change or Update AutoPay” article. 

Q. How do I cancel my AutoPay enrollment? 
A. Log in to  In the Billing section under the Manage AutoPay tab, remove AutoPay. If you cancel your AutoPay within 10 calendar days of invoice due date, your payment may already have been processed. 

Q. Is there a service fee for making a one-time payment (online and pay by phone)? 
A. Yes, there is a service fee --- $1.95 for residential customers and $3.95 for business customers, which is charged by Invoice Cloud, our payment processing vendor.'

Q. How long does it take for my One-time payments (online and pay by phone) to be posted? 
A. Payments made up until 7:00 p.m (Central Standard Time) will be credited to your account on the same day. Payments made after 7:00 p.m will be credited the next day.

Q. If I received a late notice, is my service in jeopardy of being disconnected? 
A. Yes, please make your payment immediately using a payment option listed above to avoid suspension of service. 
We’re here to help you if you are unable to pay the total amount by the due date. Please call 643-3456 for residential customers or 643-4411 for business customers to discuss your payment options. 

Q. What are the minimum browser requirements for using My Account?
A. See table below:

Customer Proprietary Network Information - Special Notice

At Hawaiian Telcom, we take the privacy of your information seriously.  By law, we have the duty to protect the confidentiality of your landline phone service information, including the services and products you purchase, account activity (for example the telephone numbers you dial), and charges incurred.

As Hawaii’s Technology Leader, the Hawaiian Telcom family of companies offers a full range of communications-related services, and we want to keep you informed about them.  To be sure you’re up to date on our latest offerings, we may share your information with our affiliates and, without further authorization by you, use it to market services to you so you’ll be aware of the full range of products and services that Hawaiian Telcom and its affiliates offer. These services include landline, long distance (where authorized), Internet and TV services. For a more complete description of Hawaiian Telcom’s services, visit 

If you’d like to restrict the use of your information to offer services as described above, you may do so by visiting, or for residential customers call 643-3456 and business customers call 643-4411. You’ll need your Hawaiian Telcom account number, which is the 15-digit number located at the top of your invoice.  We will not assume your consent until at least 30 days after this notice is mailed. Please note, even if you’ve registered your restriction in the past, you’ll need to register again if you’d like it to continue. Your decision will not affect our delivery of service to you and does not eliminate all other marketing contacts by Hawaiian Telcom. Please note that Hawaiian Telcom keeps your information confidential and does not sell or disclose it to third parties.

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