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AutoPay – Set Up

AutoPay – Set Up

Go to and log in.

  • Click “Add a New Credit Card” or “Add a New Bank” or, you can add a new Credit Card or add a new Bank by clicking ‘here.’ 

Credit Card Example: 

  • When a payment method is saved, click “here” to enroll in Auto Pay. 

  • At the AutoPay page – confirm AutoPay enrollment by “clicking here.”

  • At the New AutoPay Setup page –confirm the payment method displayed or select a payment method.
  • The radio button is defaulted to “Yes, put me on AutoPay.” 
  • Click “Save this AutoPay Setup” button.

  • At the AutoPay page, the “Waiting on Email Confirmation’ is displayed.
  • An email will be sent to you to complete the AutoPay enrollment. Open the email and ‘click’ the ‘Complete Registration’ button. *Failure to view the email and click the “Complete Registration” button will cancel your enrollment request. In addition, if you currently receive a paper bill, a separate email will invite you to ‘go green’ and enroll in paperless billing. This will not automatically change you to paperless.  

Sample of the email with the “Complete Registration box” – click to complete the AutoPay enrollment. An AutoPay Registration Completed email titled “Account Change Confirmation” is sent that confirms your AutoPay enrollment. 

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