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808NetFone Services

808NetFone Services

Article Date: 11/18/2014

Hawaiian Telcom is continually building and introducing advanced technology and communications solutions to meet the growing needs of our customers. In some instances, this requires us to retire older, legacy products that can no longer be supported by new technology platforms.  

For this reason, 808NetFone services will be discontinued effective January 29, 2015. After January 29, 2015, your 808NetFone service will automatically be cancelled and the phone number assigned to your 808NetFone service will no longer be available for calling or porting to a new replacement service.  Should you decide not to transition your service to a Hawaiian Telcom product, your final bill will be sent in March 2015. You do not need to return any equipment provided with the 808NetFone service.

At this time, no other Hawaiian Telcom and Wavecom services that you currently have will be impacted.

Please contact Hawaiian Telcom no later than January 29, 2015 at 808-643-3456. As a valued customer, we’re here to assist you with the transition from your 808NetFone service and offer a suite of products and services to replace your service. 


1.    Why am I receiving this letter?

a.    You are a current 808NetFone subscriber and this service is scheduled to be discontinued effective January 29, 2015.  

2.    How does this affect my current 808NetFone service? 

a.    After January 29, 2015, you will no longer be able to place or receive calls. 

3.    What are my options?

a.    Call Hawaiian Telcom at 808-643-3456 to transition your service to our other suite of communication products and services that meet your needs.  

4.    Can I keep my 808NetFone Number?

a.    Yes, your number can be ported to one of our other voice solutions but you must submit your request on or before January 29, 2015.  

5.    Why is the service being discontinued?

a.    The equipment used for 808NetFone has been discontinued by the manufacturer and we can no longer support this service.  

6.    Are my other Wavecom services being affected?

a.    If you have other Wavecom services, they will remain unchanged at this time. 

7.    Do I need to return any equipment to Hawaiian Telcom?

a.    No. For disposal/recycling of electronic equipment information on Oahu, please visit the City & County of Honolulu’s Department of Environmental Services website,  

8.    What happens if I do nothing?

a.    If you do not cancel or choose an alternate service by January 29, 2015, your 808NetFone service will automatically be cancelled and your phone number will no longer be available. You will receive your final bill in March 2015 with the remaining balance due for payment. 

9.    Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact Hawaiian Telcom at 808-643-3456 if you have additional questions.
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