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Hawaiian Telcom Wireless Phone Service Exit


As part of an effort to further develop and integrate Hawaiian Telcom’s communications solutions, we regret to inform you that effective March 15, 2021 we will no longer offer Wireless Phone service.  Should you still have a need for wireless service or wish to retain your wireless telephone number, you will have to move your service to another wireless phone company or port your number to a provider of landline service. 

What this means to you as a current Hawaiian Telcom Wireless Phone customer:

  • You will need to find a new wireless or landline service provider and transfer your number before March 15, 2021 in order to keep your current wireless phone number and service active.
  • If you do not move your wireless phone service to another company before March 15, 2021, your wireless phone number will be disconnected and your service will be cancelled.  You will receive a final invoice within 60 days.
  • If you no longer require wireless phone service, please contact us immediately to close your account.  If no action is taken on your part, service will be disconnected on March 15, 2021 and you will receive a final invoice within 60 days.
  • Any other service(s) you have with Hawaiian Telcom will not be affected by this change and will continue uninterrupted.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just stay with Hawaiian Telcom, I don’t want to move my service?

Effective March 15, 2021, Hawaiian Telcom will no longer provide wireless service for mobile phones. This means that all customers who currently have wireless phone service with Hawaiian Telcom will need to move their service to another provider. Customers whose service is still active at that time, will be deactivated.


Why is Hawaiian Telcom discontinuing its wireless service?

There are many choices for wireless service in our community and we feel that we can better serve our customers by focusing on our foundational products and services.


How will customers be notified of this change?

Customers will receive a notification letter and email in mid-December which will be sent to their address and email on file. Then from January through March, they will receive emails, text messages and bill messages reminding them of the change.


Can I take my number with me to another company?

Yes. Simply go to the new carrier that you would like to move your service to and they’ll request the number from us. You will need your account number, name on the account and billing address. Your monthly invoice has all the information you need.


Can I use my phone with another company?

You should check with the company that you’d like to move your service to and they will advise you on the phones that will work. All companies work on different systems and frequencies so your phone may or may not work with a particular company. Older devices may have to be replaced due to technological advancements. If the company you’ve chosen can’t activate your current device, it will have to be replaced.


What company should I go to for my new service?

There are many companies that offer wireless phone service. They can be found by searching the Internet for companies that will meet your needs.


When will the service be canceled?

Your service must be moved off of Hawaiian Telcom by March 15, 2021. After that date, any active wireless accounts will be canceled.


Will I have to pay my final bill?

Yes. Your final bill will include all charges on your account and you will receive an invoice at the end of your billing cycle.


Will I have to pay for the rest of my installments on my phone?

Outstanding installments on equipment will be forgiven and will not be charged to the account upon deactivation.


Do I have to pay any fees to move my phone number to another company?

No, Hawaiian Telcom will not charge migration fees, however, the company you go to may charge fees to activate your service. Be sure to inquire with your new service provider what the activation fee, if any, will be.


Will my account be canceled once I take my number to another company?

If you move your number to a new company, that line of service will automatically be canceled. If you have other lines on the account, those will remain active until you port them to another company, cancel the service or the service is discontinued in March 2021.


If I don’t want to keep my number, do I need to cancel service?

Yes, you must cancel the service on your account even if you don’t want to keep your current number or you’ll continue to be billed for your wireless service until March 2021.


I went to another company and they said I can’t use my phone there, will you credit me for the purchase price?

Credits will not be issued for installments that you have paid to date, however, we will not charge you for the remaining installments on your device.


What will happen if I don’t do anything and don’t move my service to another company?

You will be able to use your phone until we shut the service off on March 15, 2021. You will NOT be able to move or keep this wireless phone number once the account has been deactivated. You will receive a final bill at the end of the bill cycle.


What do I do with my phone if I am not going to use it in the future?

Wireless equipment should not be disposed of in your regular trash. It must be recycled similar to electronic equipment. If you would like to drop your phone off for recycling, there will be a recycling receptacle at the Hawaiian Telcom Service Centers in Kapolei and Downtown Honolulu.


Which wireless phones are hearing aid compatible?

For more information on Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC), click here.

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