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13 Calling Features

All the features listed below are included at no additional cost when you order Go Local Plus.

For more information, or to order special services, call 808-643-0826. Not all services are available in all areas. Ask about personalizing Hawaiian Telcom calling services at a discounted rate.

Feature  Description  Monthly Fee 
Anonymous Call Block Blocks calls from people who have activated either the Selective Blocking or Complete Blocking feature, which prevents their name and/or phone number from being displayed on a Caller ID device. $1.00
Caller ID Displays the name and number of incoming calls. $7.95
Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting Alerts you to another incoming call when you are on the phone and lets you alternate between callers. $3.50
Three Way Calling Allows 3 people at different phone numbers to talk together at the same time, no matter who placed the call. $3.00
Speed Calling Creates a list of either 8 or 30 telephone numbers that you can dial using just a one or two digit code. 8 - $2.50
30 - $3.50
Call Block (*60) Blocks incoming calls from phone number on the Call Block list you create.  You may block up to 12 phone numbers.  Blocked callers will hear a recording saying you are presently not taking calls. $3.00
Busy Redial (*66) Monitor busy phone numbers for 30 minutes, alerting you with a special ring when your call is ready $5.00
Call Return (*69) Dials the phone number of the last call you received.  If the number is busy, this feature will place your call next in line and will alert you by ringing you back when the number is no longer busy. $5.00
Select Call Forwarding Forwards specific incoming calls to another telephone number. $5.00
Call Forwarding Forwards all of your incoming calls to another telephone number that you have specified. $2.50
Priority Call (VIP Alert) Alerts you with a special ring whenever you receive calls from 6 to 12 Hawaiian Telcom landline numbers that you have specified. $3.00
Distinctive Ring Gives you 2 phone numbers for one phone line.  Each number has its own ring. $6.00
Do Not Disturb Allows you to receive calls only from the numbers on your Do Not Disturb list you have created (12 numbers maximum). $3.00

For detailed instructions on how to use these features see our Call Feature Guide

Home Voicemail Services

Never worry about missing another message again. With voicemail from Hawaiian Telcom, you get reliability and flexibility that an answering machine simply can't match. All incoming messages are recorded whether you're on a call, using fax or even experiencing a power outage. Plus, you get the added benefits of wake-up service, reminder messages and the ability to view your messages over the web.

 Voicemail Options  Features  Standard Monthly Fee   Discounted rate with Go Local Plus 
Home Voicemail Basic Answers calls when you're away from or talking on the phone, or faxing. Stores up to 20 messages for 30 days. Plus, receive wake-up calls, reminder messages, a web interface to check messages and more! $7.99 $6.04
Home Voicemail Same as Home Voicemail Basic with storage capacity for 30 more messages, extra boxes to separate messages, distribution lists and more! $9.99 $8.04
Home Voicemail Plus Same as Home Voicemail with storage capacity for 50 more messages, no time limit on how long your messages will be saved and additional distribution lists. $11.99 $10.04

There is a $10.00 activation fee for each voicemail service


Fioptics Care

$ 10 .99 /mo

Fioptics Care is an optional service that provides coverage for repair for phone jacks and wiring inside your home. For a small monthly fee, you're covered from possible wiring repairs that could easily cost hundreds of dollars.

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Check to see if Hawaiian Telcom Home Phone is available in your area.
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