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Partnering with the leader in cybersecurity.

Partnering with the leader in cybersecurity.

We have partnered with cybersecurity leader F-Secure to provide you with award-winning Internet security protection.

With Hawaiian Telcom SafeGuard you can easily:

  • Keep your devices safe from online threats.
  • Use one master password to safely access all your online account logins.
  • Protect and manage Internet security for your entire family.
  • Handle your online shopping, banking and other web browsing activity safely.
Partnering with the leader in cybersecurity.

Protect all of your connected devices.

Have peace of mind and browse the web safely on your smartphone, tablet or computer with Hawaiian Telcom SafeGuard.

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Browsing Protection

Browsing Protection

Get the best browsing experience and only access websites considered safe.

Safe Browsing will intercept webpages while their reputation is checked with Hawaiian Telcom SafeGuard's browsing protection.

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Browsing Protection
  • Content filtering will filter out suspicious website content.
  • Unsafe websites are automatically blocked.
  • Malicious IP addresses will be blocked while you're browsing online.
Password Manager

Password Manager

Your Hawaiian Telcom SafeGuard subscription comes with a password manager to securely store all of your usernames, passwords, credit card information and other important credentials in one place.

With HT Password SafeGuard, you won’t have to go through the trouble of remembering multiple passwords. You’ll only need one master password to access all your accounts.

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  • Receive real-time alerts that a website you used has been hacked so you can take action to protect your email or password information.
  • Secure storage for all passwords, logins, email addresses, credit card information and more.
  • Generate strong, unique passwords or identify and update weak passwords.
  • Sync password information across multiple devices.
Banking Protection

Banking Protection

Handle your banking and online purchases under a secure connection.

Banking Protection will monitor, detect and shut down all programs not considered secure to make sure you're always safe when banking online.

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Banking Protection
  • Banners will pop up when you enter a safe banking site.
  • All phishing sites and fake banking sites are automatically blocked.
  • When banking sessions begin, all other processes are stopped if untrusted.
Password Manager

Family Rules

Protect children in the digital world with Family Rules.

With Family Rules, it's easier than ever to protect your children while they browse, play, stream or socialize online.

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  • Limit screen time to set healthy boundaries for your family's device use.
  • Automatically block inappropriate content.
  • Scan apps for viruses and approve or block newly downloaded applications.
  • Locate your family's devices or a child's location in case of emergency.
Call 643-0839 to get HT SafeGuard Now or learn more.

Call 643-0839 to get HT SafeGuard Now or learn more.