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International Cell Phone Plans

Calling and texting around the globe.

Wireless International Calling Plans

Call anywhere in the world with our standard calling rates. Or add Hawaiian Telcom's International Discount Plan (IDP) for only $2.99 per handset per month and get up to 75% off on calls from the United States to friends and family abroad.

Calling from the United States to: Regular Rate IDP Discount Rate
American Samoa $0.99 $0.22
Japan $0.88 $0.08
Philippines $0.89 $0.18
Tonga $2.69 $0.49
Western Samoa $1.89 $0.49

Click to download our Wireless International Long Distance Rates by Country

International Text Messaging

Hawaiian Telcom's International Text Messaging is a simple, cost-effective way to keep in touch with family and friends living abroad. Sending an international text message from your Hawaiian Telcom wireless handset is easy and affordable — as little 10¢ per message. Or sign up for one of our text messaging packages below and save even more.

Data Service Monthly Included Text Messages Price per Overage Text Messages
Text 100 $2.99 100 10¢
Text 250 $4.99 250 10¢
Text 250 $14.99 Unlimited 10¢

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