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How to reprogram Speed Calling, ECF, RCF on your Centrex Biz Plus service


How to reprogram Speed Calling, ECF, RCF on your Centrex Biz Plus service

Speed Calling Overview: 

  • This feature allows the user to make calls to frequently dialed numbers by using an abbreviated code for each number. 
  • This feature is a customer programmable feature, and each user will have their own list. 
  • The short list consists of 8 numbers in all switch types except the 5ESS, which only provides 6 codes per line. 
  • Speed Calling Feature Operation is code activated. 


To program Speed Calling: 

  • Lift handset 
  • Press *74 (Listen for tone) 
  • Press #1 (GTD5 ONLY, skip this step in all other switches) 
  • Press the Speed Calling code number to be programmed (2-9 for all switches, except 5ESS and 2-7 for the 5ESS) 
  • Press the telephone number along with any required access codes, ( i.e., long distance carrier access code) up to 28 digits 
  • Press # (Listen for confirmation tone) 
  • Hang up


To place a Speed Call from the Short List: 

  • Lift handset 
  • Press #1(all switches) and then dial the Speed Calling code number (2-9 or 2-7 depending on switch type). 
  • Optional: The # sign can be pressed again after the code number for a quicker connection. 
  • Press # (wait for party to answer) 


Speed Calling - Interactions/Restrictions: 

  • Service codes such as 911, may not be programmed. 
  • Fully restricted lines may not have Speed Calling - Short. 
  • Customers may experience a 2-3 second timing delay when activating speed calling code number, i.e., codes that match other feature activation code 
  • Enhanced Call Forwarding (ECF): 
  • ECF allows customers to remotely forward their calls by calling into a toll-free administrative number.  This is a fully automated process and not answered by a live person. 
  • Please call 1-877-482-4888 to update your ECF 


Remote Call Forwarding (RCF): 

  • RCF allows customers to have a local telephone number that has no physical address, and the number will be set up in the central office.  Calls placed to the local central office number will automatically be transferred to a pre-determined number.  All charges incurred (local or long distance) will be the responsibility of the RCF customer. 
  • Hawaiian Telcom will automatically updated this number for you prior to the compliance date. 
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