Community Connections

Community Connections

Your trusted connection for Condominium Community Residents in Hawaii

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The Fastest Speeds up to 1 Gbps

A trusted technology provider in Hawaii, Hawaiian Telcom offers best-in-class solutions and excellent local support. We provide end-to-end technology solutions like the only Fiber technology in our state, with the fastest Internet speeds around to future-proof your property.

Solutions Tailored to Your Residents



Townhomes or AOAO Managed Properties

Why Hawaiian Telcom is the #1 connection for your property


Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps

15X faster than today’s average broadband connection


State of the art Fiber network

Our fiber network has greater capacity, providing a dedicated fiber line to your property, for the fastest, most reliable connection.


TV options tailored to your residents

Our TV packages are flexible and customizable with obligations.


Customer support

Dedicated, VIP support channels that you and your residents can depend on.

Who we partner with

AOAO & Property Managers

  • We partner with AOAOs and property managers to deliver fiber Internet to your residents.
  • Together, we can collaborate in two ways through a Bulk agreement or a Marketing Agreement / Revenue share.
  • Use the assessment below to find the solution that fits your needs.

Builders & Developers

  • We partner with developers, contractors, and builders to bring state-of-the-art fiber Internet to your newly developed property.
  • Creative solutions to accommodate affordable housing demands across Hawaii’s market.
  • We have a dedicated team to support you from initial planning and drawings, to scheduling, construction, inspection, and moving in.
  • For detailed project timelines and other resources see below.

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Solutions that meet your property's needs

Is your community about choice?

Our Bulk solutions provide below market price to AOAOs that sell Hawaiian Telcom products to the resident adding per unit margin and a convenience fee is applied to residents' invoice. The resident has available options to upgrade to additional services; Hawaiian Telcom will provide the bill.

Is your community about choice?

Our Marketing Agreement / Revenue Share solutions allows you to enter into an agreement with Hawaiian Telcom to allow us to sell exclusive offers to your residents. For each sale, a revenue share will be provided back to you.


  • Hawaiian Telcom handles the selling
  • Expedited installation time-frames
  • White glove support
  • Low voltage wiring / infrastructure

Contact Us

For builders, developers, AOAOs, and property managers, request more information or get your questions answered.

Customer Support Request

Already a Hawaiian Telcom customer? Please have your 15-digit Account Number handy when you initiate a support request.
Support for AOAO, Property Manager or Property Support Staff:

Phone: 808-643-0643
Resident Support:

Phone: 808-643-BULK