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Hawaiian Telcom Enhanced Call Forwarding USER GUIDE

Hawaiian Telcom Enhanced Call Forwarding USER GUIDE

Enhanced Call Forwarding (ECF)

Dial 1-877-482-4888 from a Touch-Call telephone to call.

  • Enter your 10-digit ECF telephone number (your telephone number that has ECF service) and press [#].
  • Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and press [#] .  (The first time you access the system the PIN is: 999999.)

The first time you use ECF, you will be prompted to change your PIN to any 6-10 digit number except 999999. In the future you may change your PIN at any time.

Note: If you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row, you will be denied access to the ECF system. Should this occur, you must call our Help Line at 1-877-482-3900 to have access restored.

To Change Your PIN:

  • From the Main Menu, press [2] to go to the Administrative Menu.
  • From the Administrative Menu, press [2] to select PIN.

Protect Your PIN

Your PIN is the number you must use to access ECF, and you should protect it to keep other people from accessing your ECF service. Here are some tips for protecting your PIN:

  • Do not release your PIN to anyone.
  • Immediately change your PIN if callers tell you they were connected to someone else when trying to reach you.
  • Check your phone bill each month; make sure the calls shown on the bill are yours.

Using ECF

When using ECF certain key-pad numbers always have the same function:

  • To go to the Main Menu, press [8].
  • To hear a menu again, press [9].
  • For Help, press [0].
  • To return to a previous menu, press [*].
  • If you are entering a string of digits and make a mistake press [*] to clear the entry and begin again.
  • After entering a string of digits, press [#] to end the string.

Note: System response will be faster if you always press [#] after each entry.

Once you are familiar with ECF you may “dial ahead” by making your selection during the recorded prompts rather than waiting for the prompts to finish.

Note: ECF calls can be forwarded to any telephone number. If calls are forwarded to a long distance telephone number, any toll charges are the responsibility of the ECF subscriber, not the caller.

Forwarding Options

When you call into the ECF system, the first menu you will hear is Forwarding Options. As you’re prompted, you can choose how you want your calls forwarded. There are three options to tell the ECF system the number to which you want your calls forwarded:

  • Select a Speed Number by pressing [1], [2] or [3]. (See Speed Number instructions in the Administrative Menu section.)
  • Enter the telephone number to which you want your calls forwarded, then press [#].
  • Press [#] to select the default number, which is the number that has the ECF service; in other words, this will cause calls to be completed as dialed and not be forward.

If you do not want to select a forwarding option you may proceed to the Main Menu by pressing [8].

Setting a Time Limit

You may set a time limit for any forwarding option you select. When the time limit expires, your calls will be forwarded to the option that was previously in effect.

If the desired time limit expires on the present day, enter the end time as a 3 or 4-digit number and press [#].

For example: Enter 8:00 as [8] [0] [0] [#]. You will then be asked if you want AM or PM. (Do not use military or 24-hour time.)

If the desired expiration is for a later date, enter [1] [#] until you advance to the day you want. Then enter the end time. The time limit can end up to seven days from the present day.

Note: If you want to change your forwarding option without setting a time limit, press [#] or [8] to return to the Main Menu when you hear the time limit option prompt.

Main Menu

  • To return to Forwarding Options, press [1].
  • To access the Administrative Menu, press [2].
  • To find which forwarding option currently is in effect, press [3] for the Current Status prompt.

Note: You can go to the Main Menu from anywhere in ECF by pressing [8].

Administrative Menu

The Administrative Menu allows you to set up, review or change your PIN or your Speed Numbers.

Speed Numbers

By saving up to three telephone numbers as Speed Numbers, you can forward to those numbers quickly. Simply select the Speed Number you want from the Forwarding Menu rather than dialing the complete number.

To set up, review or change Speed Numbers, press [1] and follow the recorded prompts.

ECF Help

ECF includes extensive, pre-recorded help information. If you need help, press [0] at any time.

The help function provides information regarding the particular menu you are in at that time. If you do not hear information relevant to what you want to do, press [*] to return to the previous menu or press [8] to go to the Main Menu, then press [0] for additional help information.

Important ECF Numbers

Here are telephone numbers you may need as you use ECF. As a security precaution, it is recommended that you do not write down your PIN.

ECF access number: 1-877-482-4888

Help Line: 1-877-482-3900

Note: You may want to keep these instructions in a convenient place for future reference.

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