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Courtney Monahan, Partner & VP of Operations. Tamara Rigney, Founder & Creative Director.

Using Digital to Grow

How does a boutique business thrive in a big box world? Tamara Rigney and Courtney Monahan of Paiko point to the importance of having a robust social media and web presence.

Having an active online presence helps the botanical boutique stay engaged with current customers and attract new ones. Kakaako is growing fast, and Paiko is in the heart of it all. A savvy use of technology – from social media to Cloud-based Point of Sale – helps Paiko cultivate success.

A True Garage Business Makes Good

Paiko’s local founder, Tamara Rigney, started a floral business in her tutu’s garage in 2010. It was located near Paiko Beach, which inspired the name of the company that would soon take root in Kakaako. Paiko is more than a flower shop – it’s a botanical boutique. It offers workshops as well as delivery and pick-up for its customers.

A True Garage Business Makes Good

A Love of Nature, Design and Hawaii

Paiko was one of the first businesses to open in SALT at Our Kakaako, and as the neighborhood has changed around them Paiko has remained at the heart and soul of it all.

Using Social Media to Connect with Customers

If you want to see how a small local company can create a major impression in the digital space, check out Paiko on social media. Their savvy use of multiple social media platforms keeps customers engaged and excited, as well as inviting new customers into the Paiko family. Their website is also a good example of design reflecting the spirit and philosophy of a company. This digital eco-system helps them connect with and inspire their customers via social media.

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