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Managed Network Services

For Today’s Always Connected World.

Your business depends on your network operating at its best and without disruption. This requires day-to-day maintenance and operational support that is difficult to manage and sustain internally.

Let us be your Managed Network Service (MNS) Provider

Through our operations hub in downtown Honolulu, we provide a portfolio of Managed Network Services to keep your data and systems protected, available and running at its optimal performance levels. Solutions include management of your existing route/switch or network security devices, or turn-key Hardware as a Service (HWaaS) that includes fully managed, touch-free rental hardware.

Device Availability and Performance Monitoring

  • 24x7 device health and availability monitoring by Hawaiian Telcom’s NOC
  • ICMP monitoring of availability and ping loss
  • SNMP monitoring of power supply and fan health; operating temperature; bandwidth, memory and CPU utilization; WAN interface status
  • 24x7 notifications of out-of-service or critical performance conditions
  • Notifications tailored to your needs

Device Configuration Management includes all MNS BASIC features, plus

  • Device on-boarding assessment to validate best practices
  • Automated configuration backups
  • Weekly “on-change” config backups
  • 24x7 support to restore configurations
  • Application of critical patches
  • Quarterly firmware upgrades
  • 24x7 vendor ticket support to resolve issues — open, follow-up, and closure
  • Vendor coordination to replace defective devices and components
  • Remote CPE troubleshooting
  • Execution of requested configuration and policy changes

Security Device Specifics (Firewalls, IPS, UTM) additional security-specific features:

  • Verify current Signatures are up-to-date and apply the latest when not
  • Monitor and configure device to ensure default vendor Signatures are active and operating

Hardware as a Service
Route/Switch, Network Security, Wi-Fi

  • Equipment is owned and fully managed by Hawaiian Telcom
  • Utilizes proven, enterprise-grade hardware
  • Includes MNS STANDARD for monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration backups, and firmware upgrades
  • All installation, ongoing management, maintenance, and onsite repair included in a simple monthly fee

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