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Changing a Payment Account

Last Updated 4/24/2014 2:55:29 PM

Online Billing - Changing a Payment Account used for Automatic Bill Pay

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Steps 1 – 4: Remove Automatic Bill Pay from Existing Payment Account

1) At the Overview page, click on ‘edit’ to view the Payment Account currently used for Auto Bill Pay

2) At the ‘Modify Payment Options’ page, your Payment Account used for Auto Bill Pay is displayed. Click ‘cancel.’

3) Click on the Overview tab and at the Currently Enrolled in Automatic Bill Pay, click ‘remove.’ This action removes Automatic Bill Pay from your current Payment Account.

4) Click continue – and Automatic Bill Pay is now removed from the current Payment Account.

Step 5 - 10: Remove the Payment Account that was used for Automatic Bill Pay

5) Click on the ‘Payment Accounts’ tab and click the radio button associated with the Payment Account you want removed.

6) Click ‘Delete Account’ to remove the Payment Account.

7) Confirm removal of Payment Account

Steps 8 – 14: Re-enroll in Automatic Bill Payment with your New Payment Account

8) At the Overview page, click ‘Enroll Now’ to add a new Payment Account.

9) At the Payment Account tab, select a new Payment Account for Automatic Bill Payment. (Credit Card or Bank Account)

10) Create a new ‘nickname’ then complete the Account information form. Click continue.

11) The Modify Payment Options page will populate, with the new Payment Account displayed in the box. Click “I Accept” and “Next” to confirm your enrollment.

12) Automatic Bill Payment is now set up.

13) At the Payment Accounts tab, the new Payment Account now appears in the Current Payment Accounts section

14) An confirmation email is sent to the email address used at time of registration