Legal downloading

To our valued customers:

We are posting this notice to remind you of the dangers of illegal downloading of music, movies, and television shows from the Internet. Hawaiian Telcom is receiving notices that some of our customers are copying or sharing songs, movies, and television programs from the Internet in violation of the copyright laws. These notices, from representatives of owners of copyrighted songs, movies, and television programs, identify the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the alleged violators and threaten to take legal action against the violators. Hawaiian Telcom is required by law (Title II of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to respond to these notices by notifying infringing customers, and removing or blocking access to the illegal content. The law also requires Hawaiian Telcom to terminate or suspend internet service for customers who are repeatedly found violating copyright law.

Downloading pirated music and movies isn’t just against the law – it also opens you and your family up to other crimes, such as identity theft and other types of computer-related fraud. A recent study performed by a company in the UK discovered that 90% of the top 30 piracy websites were spreading viruses and other malware in addition to the movies and music people were downloading. Another report published by The Industry Trust found that 97% of the sites they surveyed were spreading viruses and other malware to the people who were using them to download copyrighted material, and 75% of the people who regularly visited those sites reported having problems with their computers.

For your protection, please remind members of your household not to engage in improper downloading of music and other media from the Internet. Use of Hawaiian Telcom’s High-Speed Internet service in a manner that violates the copyright laws is a violation of Hawaiian Telcom’s Acceptable Use Policy and may result in the suspension or termination of service, as required by law. For legal ways to find movies, television shows and music on the Internet, please visit the Center For Copyright Information.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please direct them to Hawaiian Telcom Corporate Security in writing by sending an email to copyright@hawaiiantel.com or sending a letter to:

Corporate Security
Hawaiian Telcom Services Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 2200
Honolulu, HI 96841


Hawaiian Telcom Corporate Security