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Channel Guide

Browse the interactive channel guide to see what's on Hawaiian Telcom TV.

Sort channels by simply clicking on the column header that you want to sort by and scroll down to see what’s available in each TV package. HD Channels require an HD service subscription. See a channel you want to add? Call 643-3456 to upgrade today.

Channel # Channel Name Basic TV Channels Advantage TV Channels Advantage Plus TV Channels Premium and Pay Per View Channels
1 VOD Previews X X X
2 The CW (KHON) X X X
3 KHON-TV 2 (FOX) Ch.1003 X X X
4 KITV-TV 4 (ABC) Ch.1004 X X X
5 KHII Ch.1005 X X X
X X  
7 KGMB-TV 9 (CBS) Ch. 1007 X X X
8 KHNL-TV 8 (NBC) Ch.1008 X X X
9 QVC Ch.1009 X X X
1009 QVC X X X
11 KHET-TV 11 (PBS) Ch.1011 X X X
12 KBFD Ch.1012 X X X
13 KFVE Ch.1013 X X X
14 KWHE-TV 14 (Christian) X X X
16 HSN X X X
17 Jewelry TV X X X
18 Antenna TV X X X
19 Me TV X X X
20 KIKU-TV 20 (Jpn/UPN) Ch.1020 X X X
21 NHK World Ch.1021 X
22 Arirang TV X
23 KBS World X
24 TVK1 X
25 TVK2 X
29 Myx TV X
26 KAAH-TV 26 (TBN) X X X
27 KPXO ION Ch.1027 X X X
28 New Tang Dynasty X
30 Mnet X
31 PAC-12 National Ch.1031 X
32 PAC-12 Arizona Ch.1032 X
33 PAC-12 Los Angeles Ch.1033 X
34 PAC-12 Bay Area Ch.1034 X
35 PAC-12 Oregon Ch.1035 X
36 PAC-12 Washington Ch.1036 X
37 PAC-12 Mountain Ch.1037 X
38 KALO-TV 38 (Christian) X X X
39 Olympic Channel Ch.1039 X X
40 SEC Ch.1040 X
43 Bounce TV X X X
44 KWBN-TV 44 (Daystar) X X X
45 thisTV X X X
46 Escape X X X
47 Grit X X X
48 Get TV X X
49 Olelo-FOCUS Ch.1049 X X X
50 KKAI X X X  
53 Olelo-NATV Ch.1053 X X X
54 Olelo-VIEWS X X X
55 Olelo-OAHU X X X
62 C-SPAN 2 X X X
63 C-SPAN 3 X X X
65 ShopHQ X X X
66 QVC2 SD Ch.1066 X X X
68 BYU TV  Ch.1068 X X X
69 TWC SportsNet Ch.1069 X X
70 ESPN Ch.1070 X X
71 ESPN Classic Sports X X
72 ESPNews Ch.1072 X X
73 ESPNU Ch.1073 X X
74 ESPN2 Ch.1074 X X
75 Fox Sports 1 Ch.1075 X X
76 Fox Sports 2 Ch.1076 X X
110 FXX Ch.1110 X X
79 Big Ten Network Ch.1079 X X
80 Outside TV Ch.1083 X
81 Fox Sports West Ch.1081   X X  
82 Fox Sports Prime Ticket Ch.1082   X X  
83 CBS Sports Network Ch.1083 X X
84 Tennis Channel Ch.1084 X
85 Outdoor Channel Ch.1085 X
86 Golf Channel Ch.1086 X X
87 NBC Sports Network Ch.1087 X X
88 NFL Network Ch.1088 X X
89 OCSports Ch.1089 X X
91 Eleven Sports Ch.1091 X
92 NBA TV Ch.1092 X X
93 NHL Network Ch.1093 X
94 WFN Ch.1094 X
95 MLB Network Ch.1095 X X
96 PBS Kids Hawaii X
97 Disney Jr. X
98 Disney Channel Ch.1098 X X
99 Disney XD Ch.1099 X
100 Nickelodeon Ch.1100 X X
101 Nick 2 X X
102 Nick Toons X
103 Cartoon Network Ch.1103 X X
104 Nick Jr. (Noggin) X X
105 TeenNick (The N) X
106 Universal Kids X X
107 Animal Planet Ch.1107 X X
108 Discovery Family & Military Ch.1108 X X
121 TBS Ch.1121 X X
122 Freeform Ch.1122 X X
123 USA Network Ch.1123 X X
124 FX Ch.1124 X X
125 TNT Ch.1125 X X
126 truTV Ch.1126 X X
127 TV Land Ch.1127 X X
128 Hallmark Channel Ch.1128 X X
129 A&E Ch.1129 X X
130 National Geographic Channel X X
131 Discovery Channel Ch.1131 X X
132 TLC Ch.1132 X X
133 History Channel Ch.1133 X X
134 Investigation Discovery Ch.1134 X X
135 BBC America Ch.1135 X X
136 BBC World News X
137 American Hero X X
138 The Science Channel Ch.1138 X X
139 Travel Channel Ch.1139 X X
140 MavTV Ch.1140 X
141 Paramount Network Ch.1141 X X
142 Comedy Central Ch.1142 X X
144 Syfy Ch.1144 X X
146 NBC Universo X
157 Turner Classic Movies Ch.1157 X X
159 AMC Ch.1159 X X
170 News Max Ch.1170 X X
171 Bloomberg TV X
172 CNN Ch.1172 X X
173 HLN (Headline News) Ch.1173 X X
175 MSNBC Ch.1175 X X
176 CNBC Ch.1176 X X
177 CNBC World X X
178 Fox News Ch.1178 X X
179 Fox Business News Ch.1179 X X
180 The Weather Channel Ch.1180 X X
200 CMT Ch.1200 X X
201 CMT Pure Country X
202 Great American Country X X
203 AXS Channel Ch.1203 X
204 MTV Ch.1204 X X
205 MTV 2 Ch.1205 X
206 MTV Hits X
207 MTV Jams X
208 BET Ch.1208 X X
209 VH1 Ch.1209 X X
210 MTV Classics X
211 BET Soul X
212 BET Her X
213 BET Gospel X
215 MTVU X
216 MTV Tr3s X
225 Ovation Channel Ch.1225 X
226 Lifetime Ch.1226 X X
227 Lifetime Movie Network Ch.1227 X X
228 Lifetime Real Women X X
229 Oxygen Ch.1229 X X
230 WE tv Ch.1230 X X
231 Food Network Ch.1231 X X
232 HGTV Ch.1232 X X
233 Destination America Ch.1233 X X
234 DIY Ch.1234 X X
1234 DIY X X
235 Cooking Channel Ch.1235 X X
1235 Cooking Channel X X
237 Bravo Ch.1237 X X
238 Logo X
240 E! TV Ch.1240 X X
241 Nat Geo WILD Ch.1241 X
242 OWN Ch.1242 X X
243 Discovery Life Channel X
244 Smithsonian Ch.1244 X
300 FYI Ch.1300 X
301 VICELAND Ch.1301 X
302 Military History Channel X
303 Crime & Investigation Ch.1303 X
1303 Crime & Investigation X
304 CNN International X
305 Boomerang X
308 Hallmark Movie Channel Ch.1308 X X
309 IFC Ch.1309 X
310 Sundance Channel Ch.1310 X X
350 REELZ Ch.1350 X
355 Olelo-TEC X X X
356 Olelo-TEACH X X X
380 Sony Movie Channel Ch.1380 Movie Variety Pack
381 EPIX Ch.1381 Movie Variety Pack
382 EPIX 2 Ch.1382 Movie Variety Pack
387 STARZ ENCORE Ch.1387 Movie Variety Pack
388 STARZ ENCORE Black Movie Variety Pack
389 STARZ ENCORE Suspense Movie Variety Pack
390 STARZ ENCORE Family Movie Variety Pack
391 STARZ ENCORE Action Movie Variety Pack
392 STARZ ENCORE Classic Movie Variety Pack
393 STARZ ENCORE Westerns Movie Variety Pack
394 MoviePlex Movie Variety Pack
395 IndiePlex Ch.1395 Movie Variety Pack
396 RetroPlex Ch.1396 Movie Variety Pack
397 FLIX Movie Variety Pack
398 FX Movie Ch.1398 Movie Variety Pack
401 Starz (East) Ch.1401 Starz Pack
402 STARZ Starz Pack
403 STARZ Cinema Starz Pack
405 STARZ Kids & Family Ch.1405 Starz Pack
407 STARZ Comedy Ch.1407 Starz Pack
409 STARZ Edge Ch.1409 Starz Pack
411 STARZ in Black Starz Pack
451 Showtime Ch.1451 Showtime/TMC Pack
452 Showtime East Ch.1452 Showtime/TMC Pack
453 Showtime - SHO2 Ch.1453 Showtime/TMC Pack
455 Showtime Showcase Ch.1455 Showtime/TMC Pack
457 Showtime Family Zone Showtime/TMC Pack
459 SHO Women Showtime/TMC Pack
461 Showtime Extreme Showtime/TMC Pack
463 Showtime Beyond Showtime/TMC Pack
465 SHO Next Showtime/TMC Pack
467 The Movie Channel Ch.1467 Showtime/TMC Pack
469 The Movie Channel Xtra Ch.1469 Showtime/TMC Pack
501 HBO East Ch.1501 HBO Pack
502 HBO Ch.1502 HBO Pack
503 HBO 2 Ch.1503 HBO Pack
505 HBO Signature Ch.1505 HBO Pack
507 HBO Family Ch.1507 HBO Pack
509 HBO Comedy HBO Pack
511 HBO Zone HBO Pack
512 HBO Latino East Ch.1512 HBO Pack
515 Cinemax Ch.1515 Cinemax Pack
517 More Max Ch.1517 Cinemax Pack
518 Five Star Cinemax Pack
520 OuterMax Cinemax Pack
523 Action Max Ch.1523 Cinemax Pack
525 Thriller Max Ch.1525 Cinemax Pack
526 Movie Max Cinemax Pack
527 Cinemáx Cinemax Pack
599 Stingray Karaoke X X
600 Stingray Music X X
601 Stingray Hit List X X
602 Stingray Chill Lounge X X
603 Stingray Flashback 70's X X
604 Stingray Everything 80's X X
605 Stingray Nothin' But 90's X X
606 Stingray Jukebox Oldies X X
607 Stingray Dance Classics X X
608 Stingray Maximum Party X X
609 Stingray Dance Clubbin' X X
610 Stingray The Spa X X
611 Stingray Classic Rock X X
612 Stingray Rock X X
613 Stingray Alt Rock Classics X X
614 Stingray Rock Alternative X X
615 Stingray Hard Rock X X
616 Stingray Urban Beats X X
617 Stingray Retro R&B X X
618 Stingray Soul Storm X X
619 Stingray Folk Roots X X
620 Stingray Celtic X X
621 Stingray No Fences X X
622 Stingray Bluegrass X X
623 Stingray Country Classics X X
624 Stingray Hot Country X X
625 Stingray Alt Country Americana X X
626 Stingray Big Band X X
627 Stingray Kid Stuff X X
628 Stingray Adult Alternative X X
629 Stingray Holiday Hits X X
630 Stingray Easy Listening X X
631 Stingray Smooth Jazz X X
632 Stingray Jazz Now X X
633 Stingray Jazz Masters X X
634 Stingray The Blues X X
635 Stingray Pop Classics X X
636 Stingray Baroque X X
637 Stingray Chamber Music X X
638 Stingray Opera Plus X X
639 Stingray Class Masters X X
640 Stingray The Light X X
641 Stingray Gospel X X
642 Stingray Pop Adult X X
643 Stingray Standards X X
644 Stingray Jammin' X X
645 Stingray Latino Tropical X X
646 Stingray Retro Latino X X
647 Stingray Latino Tejano X X
648 Stingray Latino Urbana X X
649 Stingray Today's Latin Pop X X
650 Stingray Regional Mexicana X X
661 KHPR 88.1 X X
662 KIPO 89.3 X X
663 KSSK 92.3 X X
664 KQMQ 93.1 X X
665 KHJZ 93.9 X X
666 KUMU 94.7 X X
667 KRTR 96.3 X X
669 KDNN 98.5 X X
670 KUCD 101.9 X X
671 KCCN 100.3 X X
672 KORL 101.1 X X
673 KDDB 102.7 X X
674 KPHW 104.3 X X
675 KINE 105.1 X X
676 KPOI 105.9 X X
678 KKEA 1420 X X
800 PPV Events Pay Per View
801 TV Japan Ch.1801 Japanese Pack
821 TFC - The Filipino Channel Filipino Pack
822 GMA News Filipino Pack
823 GMA Pinoy TV (Filipino) Filipino Pack
824 GMA Life TV (Filipino) Filipino Pack
825 Viva TV Plus Filipino Pack
831 SBTN (Vietnamese) Vietnamese Pack
841 CCTV-4 (Chinese) Chinese Pack
842 CTI-Zhong Tian (Chinese) Chinese Pack
843 Phoenix Hong Kong TV Chinese Pack
966 PPV Events Pay Per View
969 Live Local Sports PPV Pay Per View
990 Playboy TV Playboy TV
1002 CW HD X X
1005 KHII X X X
1012 KBFD X X
1013 KFVE X X X
1016 HSN HD X X X
1020 KIKU-TV (Jpn/UPN) X X X
1021 NHK World X
1022 Arirang HD X
1031 PAC-12 National HD X
1032 PAC-12 Arizona HD X
1033 PAC-12 Los Angeles HD X
1034 PAC-12 Bay Area HD X
1035 PAC-12 Oregon HD X
1036 PAC-12 Washington HD X
1037 PAC-12 Mountain HD X
1039 Olympic Channel X X
1040 SEC X
1049 Olelo49 HD X X
1053 Olelo53 HD X X
1066 QVC2 HD X X X
1068 BYUtv X X X
1069 TWC SportsNet X X
1070 ESPN X X
1072 ESPNews X X
1073 ESPNU X X
1074 ESPN2 X X
1075 Fox Sports 1 X X
1076 Fox Sports 2 X X
1110 FXX X X
1077 NFL RedZone HD Plus Pack
1079 Big Ten Network X X
1080 Outside TV X
1081 Fox Sports West X X
1082 Fox Sports Prime Ticket X X
1083 CBS Sports Network X X
1084 Tennis Channel X
1085 Outdoor Channel X
1086 Golf Channel X X
1087 NBC Sports Network X X
1088 NFL Network X X
1089 OCSports X X
1091 Eleven Sports HD X
1092 NBA TV X X
1093 NHL Network X
1094 WFN X
1095 MLB Network X X
1097 Disney Junior HD X
1098 Disney Channel X X
1099 Disney XD X
1100 Nickelodeon X X
1103 Cartoon Network X X
1107 Animal Planet X X
1108 Discovery Family & Military X X
1121 TBS X X
1122 Freeform X X
1123 USA X X
1124 FX X X
1125 TNT X X
1126 truTV X X
1127 TV Land X X
1128 Hallmark Channel X X
1129 A&E X X
1130 National Geographic Channel X X
1131 Discovery X X
1132 TLC X X
1133 History Channel X X
1134 Investigation Discovery X X
1135 BBC America X X
1136 BBC World News X
1137 American Heroes Channel X X
1138 The Science Channel HD X X
1139 Travel Channel X X
1140 MavTV X
1141 Paramount Network X X
1142 Comedy Central X X
1144 Syfy X X
1157 TCM X X
1159 AMC X X
1170 News Max X X
1171 Bloomberg X
1172 CNN X X
1173 HLN X X
1175 MSNBC X X
1176 CNBC X X
1178 Fox News X X
1179 Fox Business News X X
1180 The Weather Channel X X
1200 CMT X X
1202 Great American Country X X
1203 AXS Channel X
1204 MTV X X
1205 MTV 2 X
1208 BET X X
1209 VH1 X X
1225 Ovation Channel X
1226 Lifetime X X
1227 Lifetime Movie Network X X
1229 Oxygen X X
1230 WE tv X X
1231 Food Network X X
1232 HGTV X X
1233 Destination America X X
1237 Bravo X X
1240 E! TV X X
1241 Nat Geo WILD X
1242 OWN X X
1243 Discovery Life Channel X
1244 Smithsonian X
1250 MotorTrend  X X
1300 FYI X
1308 Hallmark Movie Channel X X
1309 IFC X X
1310 Sundance X X
1350 REELZ X
1380 Sony Movie Channel Movie Variety Pack
1381 EPIX Movie Variety Pack
1382 EPIX 2 Movie Variety Pack
1383 EPIX 3 Movie Variety Pack
1387 STARZ ENCORE Movie Variety Pack
1394 MoviePlex Movie Variety Pack
1395 IndiePlex Movie Variety Pack
1396 RetroPlex Movie Variety Pack
1398 FX Movie Movie Variety Pack
1401 STARZ Starz Pack
1405 STARZ Kids & Family Starz Pack
1407 STARZ Comedy Starz Pack
1409 STARZ Edge Starz Pack
1451 Showtime Showtime/TMC Pack
1452 Showtime East Showtime/TMC Pack
1453 Showtime - SHO2 Showtime/TMC Pack
1455 Showtime - Showcase Showtime/TMC Pack
1467 TMC Showtime/TMC Pack
1469 TMC Xtra Showtime/TMC Pack
1501 HBO East HBO Pack
1502 HBO HBO Pack
1503 HBO 2 HBO Pack
1505 HBO Signature HBO Pack
1507 HBO Family HBO Pack
1512 HBO Latino East HBO Pack
1515 Cinemax Cinemax Pack
1517 Cinemax - More Max Cinemax Pack
1523 Cinemax - Action Max Cinemax Pack
1525 Cinemax - Thriller Max Cinemax Pack
1703 HDNet Movies HD Plus Pack
1704 MTV Live HD Plus Pack
1706 MGM HD Plus Pack
1707 Comedy TV HD Plus Pack
1708 CARS TV HD Plus Pack
1709 ES TV HD Plus Pack
1710 MyDestination TV HD Plus Pack
1711 Recipe TV HD Plus Pack
1712 PETS TV HD Plus Pack
1801 TV Japan Japanese Pack


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