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Fiber 1 Gig FAQs
Fiber 1 Gig Hardware and System Requirements
WiFi Hotspots
On April 8th and 9th, the media announced to the public that a new bug called “Heartbleed” was appearing in a very popular and widely used encryption technology called "OpenSSL" which handles cryptographic protection of data.
Learn how to setup your Pace 4111 Wireless Gateway
How to enable your WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) for your Pace 4111N Wireless Gateway
If you are noticing that certain devices that use your phone line are not working properly, your splitters and filters may not be properly installed. These problems may include background noise on your phone line or your home alarm system not working properly.
Setup and install your Motorola 2247 wireless router. See the diagram to connect your wireless router and modem to your computer.
View this light guide to see how your router lights should be displaying. Also, get tips on how to troubleshoot red, flashing or abnormal router lights.
How to change the wireless channel for your Motorola 2247 wireless router.