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Hawaiian Telcom TV and Internet Equipment Return Information

Last Updated Oct 2020

TV and Internet Equipment Return Information

Equipment supplied to provide Hawaiian Telcom services must be returned to a Hawaiian Telcom Service Center upon replacement of the equipment or termination of the service (whether termination is voluntary or involuntary). You will be responsible for unreturned equipment charges if equipment is not returned by the final bill due date.

TV Equipment must be returned to either the Downtown or Kapolei TV Hawaiian Telcom Service Center upon termination of service. Visit for Equipment Replacement and Unreturned Charges or call 643-3456 for more information.

Please return the following equipment if disconnecting your Hawaiian Telcom TV and/or Internet service(s):

TV Equipment

DVR Set Top Box
Non DVR Set Top Box
Residential Gateway
Brand is either Pace or Zyxel.
Note: This equipment is for customers with both TV and Internet service 
TV Remote Control(s)
Note: Each Set Top Box comes with 1 Remote Control

Internet Equipment

Residential Gateway
Brand could be Pace, Zyxel, or Google.
WiFi Extender
Brand could be NightHawk, Zyxel or Google

One (1) Power Supply and/or Cord for each device, One (1) Ethernet Patch Cable per device and all HDMI, Component or Composite cables that connect Set Top Boxes to TV’s (One (1) per Set Top Box) need to be returned to avoid any charges for unreturned equipment


IMPORTANT: The following equipment must stay in your home.

If you have any of the white devices below, please DO NOT UNPLUG, REMOVE OR RETURN it. These devices should remain in your home as attempting to remove them may cause damage to your property. You will not be assessed any charges on your final bill for not returning this device(s).