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Hawaiian Telcom TV and High-Speed Internet Equipment Return Check List

Last Updated Feb 2019

Hawaiian Telcom TV and High-Speed Internet Equipment Return Check List

If you disconnect your TV and/or Internet service, please drop off your Hawaiian Telcom equipment at our Downtown or Kapolei location. Failure to return equipment within the specified timeline, may result in a $200 charge for each missing Set Top Box or Gateway device. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 643-3456.

Please return the following equipment if disconnecting your Hawaiian Telcom TV and Internet service(s):

DVR Set-Top Box

Non-DVR Set-Top Box(es)

Residential Gateway

Remote Control(s) (One per Set-Top Box)

Surge-Protected Power Strip(s) (if provided by Hawaiian Telcom)

WiFi Extender (if provided by Hawaiian Telcom)

One (1) Ethernet Patch Cable and all S-Component, Composite, and/or HDMI cables that connect between the Set-Top Boxes and TV (one per Set Top Box). In addition, all power supply cords for each equipment piece needs to be returned.

IMPORTANT: The following equipment must stay in your home.

If you have any of the white devices below, please DO NOT UNPLUG, REMOVE OR RETURN it. IT needs to remain in your home. You will not be assessed any charges on your final bill for not returning this device.

Also, if you have a Media Cabinet furnished by Hawaiian Telcom, do not disconnect or remove any of its contents and please leave it in its current location.