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High Definition (HD) TV and Live Feeds

Last Updated Jun 2018

High Definition (HD) TV and Live Feeds

High Definition TV

It's television as you've never seen it before. With Hawaiian Telcom's High Definition (HD), you'll experience true widescreen picture quality that's 10 times better than standard television. Add 5.1 Dolby® Digital sound for theatre-quality viewing in the comfort of your home. All Hawaiian Telcom Set Top Boxes are HD-ready.

How To Manage Live TV Feeds

Hawaiian Telcom TV supports up to 8 TVs and delivers 4 live TV feeds to your household. A TV feed can be a live TV show, a Video On Demand (VOD) program or a Pay Per View (PPV) event. If you have a DVR, you can watch or record 4 live TV programs simultaneously among the TVs in your household. For example, you can do one of the following:

  • Watch 4 different live TV programs
  • Record 1 live program on your DVR and watch 3 other live programs
  • Record 3 live programs on your DVR and watch a fourth live program
  • Record 4 live programs on your DVR

You can also watch up to 2 of the 4 available live TV programs in HD and the rest in standard definition (SD). And if you have 2 or more TVs tuned to the same live TV program you'll only be using 1 live TV feed. If you try to watch or record more live TV programs than you have available feeds, your Hawaiian Telcom TV service will present you with options to select the programs that you wish to watch or record. For example, if 4 live TV programs are being watched and a fifth TV is turned on to watch another program; you will be prompted to choose which programs you want to continue to watch or record. If you choose to interrupt a program on another TV, a message will be displayed on both affected TVs.

With your Hawaiian Telcom TV DVR, while the live TV feeds are being used to watch or record live programs, you can watch up to 4 recorded programs on your other TVs. Viewing a recorded program does not use a live TV feed as it is stored on your DVR.

Quick Tip

  • Turning off one of your Set Top Boxes will free up a live TV feed.