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Cancelling and Deleting Recordings

Last Updated Aug 2018

Canceling and Deleting Recordings

Article Date: 01/12/2011

Canceling A Future Recording

  1. Press guide (RECORDED TV).
  2. Use OK to select Scheduled.
  3. Use info to select the program that you wish to cancel recording and press OK.
  4. To cancel a recording of: •  An episode - Select Don't record, press OK and then select Cancel episode or Cancel recording and press OK. •  A series - Use info to select Series record info, press OK, then select Cancel series, press OK, select Cancel series and press OK.

Deleting A Recorded Program

  1. Press guide (RECORDED TV).
  2. Use info to highlight the recorded program that you want to delete and press OK.
  3. Use info to select Erase and press OK.
  4. Use info to select Erase and press OK to confirm deletion.