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Canceling A Future Recording Press (RECORDED TV). Use to select Scheduled.
If you have concerns regarding Closed Captioning, please contact our Captioning Hotline at 643-4888.
Conduit Support Article
Hawaiian Telcom is currently working to negotiate a fair contract with Viacom.
When a program is being recorded, a red RECORDING icon will be displayed in the guide regardless of which Set Top Box you are watching TV on.
Enhancements to – Fall 2016
Find out what’s on and what’s coming up
Are all Hawaiian Telcom TV channels digital? Yes, Hawaiian Telcom TV is a 100% digital television service.
Hawaiian Telcom High-Speed Internet Access
Hawaiian Telcom TV and High-Speed Internet Equipment Return Information Equipment supplied to provide Hawaiian Telcom services must be returned to a Hawaiian Telcom Service Center upon replacement of the equipment or termination of the service (whether termination is voluntary or involuntary). You will be responsible for unreturned equipment charges if equipment is not returned by the final bill due date
Hawaiian Telcom TV Frequently Asked Questions
High Definition (HD) TV and managing live feeds.
Stingray Music Mobile Installation Instructions
Customize your guide so that it shows only the channels you watch the most.
Use search to quickly and easily find your favorite TV shows, VOD titles and PPV events.
Visit and follow the instructions on the screen to login to your Remote DVR scheduler.
Single Sign-On experience benefits TV Everywhere users who watch TVE on their iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Roku device.
With Roku’s Single Sign-On feature, once you verify your Hawaiian Telcom TV subscription for a supported TV Everywhere (TVE) channel by signing in using your Hawaiian Telcom My Account username and password, you are automatically verified for other supported channels.
Use the guide to find out which shows are on and which ones are coming up.
Use the menu to quickly access the Live TV, Recorded TV, Video On Demand, Settings and Interactive drop down menus.
Frequently Asked Questions related to Home Shopping Network - Shop By Remote
Manage Your Account
Hawaiian Telcom TV supports up to 8 TVs and delivers 4 live TV feeds to your household.
Managing Your DVR Recordings
MultiView App - Frequently Asked Questions
Navigating With Your Remote
On Screen TV Guide
Parental Control
From special events to live sports, like ESPN Gameplan/Full Court games and UFC(symbol) events, Hawaiian Telcom Pay Per View has something for everyone.
Hawaiian Telcom carriage agreements with cable networks and broadcasters to deliver their content and stations come up for renewal from time to time
Recording Programs With Your DVR
Learn what devices can be controlled using the remote provided with your set top box.
See what device your remote is controlling using the LED indicators for the four modes available.
Retransmission Negotiation Support Article and FAQs
Setting Parental Controls
Setting Your Favorites
Encore Channels were rebranded as STARZ ENCORE. With this change, there are just a few things we’d like you to know.
Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Stingray Karaoke on your TV.
Stingray Music Mobile FAQ
Sun Outages
TV Apps
TV Channel Maintenance
For questions or problems with your Hawaiian Telcom TV service or bill, call us at 643-4888.
You can now watch your favorite shows on your PC, laptop and select tablets and smartphones with TV Everywhere. Get all your answers with these frequently asked questions.
TV Features
Enjoy a free preview of TV JAPAN from November 14th – November 21st. Plus, get $20 cash back when you subscribe to TV Japan between now and...
TV Menu Enhancements
TV Quick Start User Guide
Using Caller ID on TV
Using Remote DVR
Using the on screen menu
Using Your Hawaiian Telcom TV DVR
Video On Demand & Pay Per View
Get step-by-step instructions on how to setup your Wireless Set Top Box, Connecting your Wireless Access Point to your gateway, and more.
Watching A Recorded Program and Unlocking A Recorded Program
Your Hawaiian Telcom TV Remote Control
Your Hawaiian Telcom TV Set Top Box
Your Wireless Gateway