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Please check the left-hand side of your bill for the number to call to contact your Hawaiian Telcom representative; they can provide you with your bill cycle and answer any questions you may have regarding your bill.

Summary Bills
Summary billing is a billing method that transfers billed amounts from multiple subordinate accounts to a single Summary Bill Master account. The amount billed to the Summary Bill Master account is the total of all charges for the subordinate accounts. More>>

Summary Bill Master
CLEC's receive a single Summary Bill Master (SBM) bill per billing cycle, which includes charges for MRC/NRC and usage charges. The End User (EU) number serves as the billing number for the CLEC account; resold charges are transferred to the SBM based on the EU billing cycle.

Bill Payment Stub
Paper bills contain a detachable payment stub on the bottom of page 1 of the summary bill. This payment stub identifies the account and to ensure proper credit, the stub should be included with the payment.

Blocking Charges
Blocking charges will be applied as provided by HI tariffs.

Late Payment Charges
Late Payment Charges are assessed on unpaid balances brought forward to the new bill as allowed by HI tariffs.

PIC Change Charges
PIC change charges will be applied as provided by HI tariffs.

Payment Process
The CLEC must pay all undisputed Hawaiian Telcom charges when due. Hawaiian Telcom reserves the right to take any lawfully available action (including without limitation the assessment of late payment charges or security deposits, and suspension or termination of service, as applicable) for failure to pay undisputed charges in a timely manner. Contact the Collections Group with any questions.
Who to call for questions - Check the left-hand side of your bill for the numbers to handle all of your Hawaiian Telcom billing questions.