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Imagine the possibilities when you connect with Hawaii’s only 100% fiber internet.

More bandwidth when you download. Hawaii’s fastest speeds when you upload. And the inherent advantages that make fiber more reliable. When you add it all up, nothing else comes close to the power of Fioptics Fiber Internet.

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Fioptics is fast, smart, affordable and only available from Hawaiian Telcom.

Fioptics is fast, smart and downright amazing.

It’s a next-generation fiber network done the right way.

Greater download bandwidth

Hawaii’s fastest upload speed

Resistant to interference

Built to grow


See if Hawaiian Telcom Fioptics comes to you.


More neighborhoods are connecting with Fioptics every day.

Today, more than 50,000 locations in Hawaii have direct access to Hawaiian Telcom fiber, giving them the power of Hawaii’s fastest upload speeds and download speeds that are among the fastest in the islands.

“Our core purpose at Hawaiian Telcom is to connect and empower Hawai‘i... Our team is actively working to make this a reality.”

– Su Shin, President and General Manager


Invested in Fiber

In 2021 Hawaiian Telcom invested more than $100 million to expand and support its next generation fiber network.


Locations with Broadband

As a result of this historic investment, an additional 30,000 locations throughout the state now have access to FTTP broadband service, with an additional 50,000 locations slated for 2022.


Locations with Fiber

More than 215,000 locations in Hawai‘i have access to Hawaiian Telcom’s ultra-fast FTTP services today.

Fioptics FAQ

Q. What is Fioptics? A. Fioptics is Hawaii's only 100% fiber internet service, providing ultra-fast download and Hawaii’s fastest upload speed. Fioptics is fast, reliable, affordable, and only available from Hawaiian Telcom.

Q. Why should I choose Fioptics/Fioptics Business Internet? A. More bandwidth – Fiber optic cables are capable of 10,000 times more bandwidth than traditional copper cables. Hawaii’s Fastest upload speed – Fast upload speeds give you a better experience with online games, video calls, file uploads, and security cameras. More resistant to interference – Unlike copper cables, fiber does not conduct electricity making them resistant to interference from radio signals, cell towers and power lines. Better for the planet – Fiber optic cables are efficient for carrying data over long distances and use less energy than metal cables.

Q. What’s the difference between Fioptics and the competition? A. Hawaiian Telcom Fioptics fiber connection goes all the way to your home

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