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Transaction Flows


EB – Resale
JB – Directory Listing

  1. REQTYP EB – Resale is an order placed by a CLEC to purchase Hawaiian Telcom services and resell those services to their end users. 
  2. Hawaiian Telcom products and services offered for resale are delineated in the   Hawaiian Telcom Local Tariff No. 20.
  3. Resellers must have an Interconnection Agreement with Hawaiian Telcom in order to resell Hawaiian Telcom products and services.
  4. CLECs submit orders through the NeuStar gateway.  Resale specific forms must be completed and are included in the LSR process. 
  5. REQTYP JB – Directory Listing is a stand alone directory listing order.  A CLEC uses this service to request, change, or remove directory listing information associated with their end user.  Information processed through this LSR also affects telephone directories and directory assistance.
  6. REQTYP JB orders are submitted through the NeuStar gateway.
  7. REQTYP JB orders are subject system edits including address validation to ensure order accuracy.  Although Hawaiian Telcom performs LSOG standard validations to minimize errors, the CLEC is responsible for the listing content for their end user customer.
  8. CLECs receive an FOC that includes the due date.  When the order is completed, a Local Response Confirmation Notice is provided.