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Transaction Flows
ASR Pre-Order

Access Service Request Pre-Order

ASR Preorder
  1. Hawaiian Telcom allows the following ASR pre-order transactions through the NeuStar ordering gateway interface:
    • Address Validation (AV)
    • Collocation Facility Assignment (CFA)
    Hawaiian Telcom responds to the inquiries through the NeuStar gateway interface.
  2. Address Validation allows customers to validate the service address prior to submitting an Access Service Request (ASR).
  3. A valid postal address is required for Address Validation transactions.
  4. The most common data provided includes the Service Address Number (SANO), Street Name (SASN), City, State and Zip Code.
  5. The ASR Pre-Order transaction does not validate an address for Military, Cell Site, or Rural Addresses.
  6. After accessing the NeuStar Gateway and following the prompts, the customer will reach a screen titled Location Inquiry Request: RequestHeader. This is the step in which validation for ASOG Guidelines occurs and cannot be bypassed. All required fields must be populated.
  7. If the ASR Pre-Order is not successfully validated, a Validation Error Screen will appear and corrections must be made until the pre-order passes all edits.
  8. Hawaiian Telcom’s response will indicate an Address Match, Address Alternatives or Address Errors.
  9. Connecting Facility Assignment inquiry provides customers the ability to submit requests to obtain information on physical facilities assigned to them by Hawaiian Telcom.
  10. Customers can submit inquiries only on valid physical facilities that are assigned to them. A request can be for information a single channel on a physical facility, all channels on a physical facility or all circuits on a given A and Z location.
  11. In addition to the options noted in #10 the customer can submit an inquiry for their facilities using a partial CLLI followed by a Wildcard in either the A or Z location as long as a valid 11 character ACTL belonging to the customer is provided in the other field.
  12. Customer CCNA or LOA CCNA is validated to ensure the CLEC/IXC has permission to view the CFA Inquiry Response.
  13. Responses to the customer’s request are provided through the NeuStar Gateway interface. If there is an error on the request, the response is “Circuit not found”; customers can correct errors and resubmit.