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Competitive Local Exchange Carriers
New Lines

New Lines Product Description

Analog New Lines

The unbundled 2-wire analog loop provides a Hawaiian Telcom channel for the transmission of analog signals from a CLECs distribution frame at the end user's serving wire center to an end user premises.

Digital New Lines

Digital subscriber loops allow CLECs that are collocated to connect to Hawaiian Telcom subscriber loops that are designed to support digital services.

Unbundled Sub-Loop New Lines

USLA allows a CLEC, with its own switching and F1 facilities, to gain access to Hawaiian Telcom's F2 facilities by means of building its own cabinet, called a Telecommunications Carrier Outside Plant Interconnection Cabinet (TOPIC), which is connected by cable to Hawaiian Telcom's FDI. Sub-Loops are 2-Wire or 4-Wire transmission channels capable of supporting voice or data services. Hawaiian Telcom provides CLECs the option to access unbundled Sub-Loops in cases where it would not be practical or economically feasible for a CLEC to build or extend its own network.

House & Riser

House and Riser Cable Service allows a CLEC with its own switching and loop facilities, to provide service to End User customers located in high rise buildings with multiple residential or commercial units, in cases where Hawaiian Telcom owns and maintains the telecommunications facilities within the building.