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Competitive Local Exchange Carriers

Hawaiian Telcom Wholesale Local Exchange Carriers

Hawaiian Telcom has partnered with Neustar, a leading provider of clearinghouse services to the global communications industry, to provide new and existing wholesale customers with a powerful web based ordering interface. Below you will find a link to the Neustar ordering platform and valuable documentation covering the entire ordering process.

Place a Wholesale Orders Online Here

The provisioning of local services is integrated into Hawaiian Telcom's local ordering processes. These processes utilize the Local Service Request (LSR) for the order format. Once the LSR passes the appropriate edits, is accepted by our ordering center, and the due date is agreed upon, the circuit(s) on the order begins going through the provisioning process. There are presently 3 local services available: Hot Cuts, New Lines, and UNE/Resale.

Hotcut A Hot Cut is a near-simultaneous disconnection of a Hawaiian Telcom working loop from a port on one carrier's switch, and the reconnection of that loop to a port on a different carrier's switch, without any significant out-of-service period.

New Lines The New Lines service covers Analog New Lines and Digital New Lines.

Resale The Resale service cover Resold POTS, Resold Specials, UNE-P (not offered; existing service grandfathered), and UNE-P Specials (not offered; existing service grand fathered).