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Managed Backup Advantage

Protecting critical onsite data.

Data is one of the most important assets of your business, and you may even have regulatory requirements for maintaining archives of business records. So whether you are backing up your database, an application or file servers, it’s important to have at least one copy onsite and another offsite to ensure business continuity.

Your data has never been more important.

Hawaiian Telcom’s Managed Backup Advantage service makes it easy for you to securely store your business critical data onsite with a secondary cloud copy offsite. Managed Backup Advantage allows organizations of all sizes to utilize a hardened appliance that provides an air-gap between the local appliance back-ups and cloud back-ups, while also enabling seamless accessibility when needed. Managed Backup Advantage directly integrates with Windows, Linux, VMware and Hyper-V to enable a streamlined backup solution.

Bring peace of mind by taking control of your data.

  • Seamlessly maintain local and secondary cloud backups
  • Recover data from accidental deletion and data loss
  • Alleviate confusion or gaps in retention policy parameters
  • Safeguard against malicious insiders / departing employees
  • Protect against external threats (hacking / ransomware)
  • Address legal and compliance requirements

Enjoy simple, cost-effective pricing.

  • One monthly price for appliance rental, cloud storage
    and support
  • No overage charges for cloud backups
  • Choose between the standard 1-year cloud retention or
    infinite cloud retention
  • Term discounts available

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Managed Direct to Cloud Backup Product Sheet


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