Protect your business with Breach RadarTM security services.

Get 24x7 monitoring and alerts on cybersecurity attacks and unauthorized access to business and customer data, plus $100,000 in breach insurance.

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Discover how Breach Radar helps protect Hawaii businesses.

Protecting your business, brand and customers.

Breach Radar will monitor-defend-protect your network, devices and business data from cyber-attacks or unauthorized access. If you have one location or multiple sites that conduct business, process credit cards, or are used to store goods and services, these facilities and IT systems need to be constantly monitored, defended and protected against cyber criminals.

Reducing cybersecurity and compliance complexity and cost.

Customers are the lifeline of business, so you need a partner you can truly count on to reduce the complexity and cost of securing and protecting your business. Work with a partner that provides comprehensive security and compliance solutions that can help you serve customers, protect IT systems and grow your business.

Breach Radar Basic Bundle includes 24/7 monitoring and alerting for only $19.95 per month!

Supports up to 5 devices per bundle.

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