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Satisfy your whole family with Hawaii’s best bundle.

Switch to a Hawaiian Telcom Internet and TV bundle so you can enjoy

300 Mbps symmetrical Internet + Basic TV

$ 64 .95 /mo

2-year price guarantee

With 300 Mbps symmetrical Internet you can:
  • Use multiple devices

  • Video chat with a friend

  • Live-stream your favorite channels and movies

  • and much more

Basic TV includes:
  • 30+ video channels

  • High-definition, live local channels

  • 1 Set Top Box

Why would I need 300 Mbps Internet? Isn’t that a lot?

It is fast, but you may be surprised how much bandwidth your household needs. Do you have multiple users, on multiple devices all at the same time? Stream movies? Share videos and pictures? 9 out of 10 Hawaii households now have smart devices, and today’s connected homes can use all the speed they can get.