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Business All-in-OneSM bill changes

We’ve made changes to simplify your “Business All-in-One Bundle” bill. As part of our commitment to providing you with the best service and experience, we’re making your bill easier to read.

Your bill will look different, but you will still be on the same great plan!

What’s Changing

Previously, Business All-in-One Bundles were billed per component. This meant that a typical bill would show a list of all of the individual components that made up the service, even if they were provided at no charge. Our new format consolidates these components into one product price.

For example, a Business All-in-One Bundle (“Account Activity Detail” section of your bill) would now show the following:

Previous Bill Format New Bill Format

Broadband Access:

  • Ethernet Access – 3x3 Mbps
Logical Services:
  • Internet Access – 3x3 Mbps
  • Quality of Service – Real Time – 75%
  • Static IP – 1 Address

  • Ethernet DIA – 3 – Mbps

  • Managed IP Phone – PCOM331
  • Hosted User – Standard with
  • Mobility Telephone Number (TN)

  • Hosted User - Standard
Additionally, the “Taxes, surcharges and Regulatory Fees” section has also been updated to reflect recent changes in taxation. Click here for more information about these fees. If you have questions, please call us at 643-0803.