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What if the Cloud could change the way you do business?

Cloud solutions can help your business be more productive and save on costs.

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Hawaiian Telcom offers a variety of technology resources, software and tools to increase the productivity of your business. Our solutions are scalable, promote collaboration and allow you to focus on the activities central to your business.

What if your desktop followed you everywhere?

Desktop as a Service

Access your entire desktop wherever you go with Desktop as a Service (DaaS). This innovative, leading-edge technology can increase the productivity and efficiency of your business because it’s hosted securely in the Cloud and can be accessed on any device. Plus, we’ll build and manage your virtual infrastructure for you.

Office 365

You can access your Office applications and files while on the go, from any device with Microsoft Office 365. This means you can work anytime, anywhere with confidence that it’s all backed by expert, local support from the team you already know and trust at Hawaiian Telcom.

What if you didn’t need servers in your office anymore?

Colocation Services

With Virtual Colocation and Colocation Services, your business can house servers in an external data center environment without needing to buy the physical servers and equipment. No more servers in your office means saving money and reducing your IT worries.

What if you were protected from hackers 24/7?

Threat Management

Avoid the risk of security breaches, legal liabilities and loss of critical data. With our Multi-Threat Security Bundle, you’ll receive a comprehensive portfolio of powerful security products with expert professional services. This cost-effective security solution for smaller businesses can detect and stop malicious traffic before it enters your network.

What if you didn’t have to spend a fortune on new business computers?

Desktop as a Service

With Desktop as a Service (DaaS), you can keep expenses under control. DaaS not only offers you a consistent desktop experience on any device, it doesn’t require any large upfront costs because automatic updates and upgrades are built into a simple once-a-month subscription.

What if you had the power to make IT problems go away?

Premium Support

You can receive help and advice on any computer issue that may arise. Our specialists will gather your information and analyze the symptoms to determine the problems. Our expert problem solvers utilize their strong technical skills to create solutions for both basic and complex issues.

Cloud solutions can help your business be more productive and save on costs.

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