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Small & Medium Business

Small Business Hosted VoIP

Unified Communications

Hosted Voice

Our Hosted Voice solution delivers a powerful, fully featured phone system without the up-front cost and hassle of a traditional PBX. It enables you to make unlimited local and long-distance calls using one broadband connection.

Call Center as a Service

Provide superior customer experience and service with Call Center as a Service. Integrated with Hawaiian Telcom’s Hosted Voice solution, Call Center as a Service provides a scalable call center solution that is easy to deploy and use. Hosted in the cloud, it eliminates up front equipment costs and easily scales as your call center grows.

Business Lines

Centrex Biz PlusSM

A reliable phone line is your business’s primary link to the world. Now you can enjoy Hawaii’s most dependable phone service and still save money. Hawaiian Telcom Centrex Biz Plus is a comprehensive package of business lines with advanced business features.

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Benefits of Centrex Biz Plus:
  • High-quality local phone service at an affordable rate
  • Flexibility to grow as your business grows
  • All-digital fiber optic network for clear calls
  • Works with any standard analog phone
Features of Centrex Biz Plus:
  • Fax machine support
  • Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer
  • 3-way calling, 6-way conference
  • 24/7 network-based monitoring and Customer Care Center

To find out more about Centrex Biz Plus, contact us today at 643-0934.

Business Trunking


Hawaiian Telcom offers our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) capability to help your business boost productivity.

PRI technology connects customers directly to our local network, and offers high-speed, high-capacity digital connectivity, intelligent call handling and Caller ID functionality. It is ideal for business offices already deploying a PBX, or for large call centers.

PRI provides a powerful local access service and clear digital voice quality all on a single T-1 line — all without the additional expense of multiple dedicated circuits.

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Benefits of PRI:
  • Increased efficiency and improved quality
  • Enhanced voice capabilities at an affordable price
  • Uses existing standard phone cabling
  • Extends the life of existing PBX systems
  • 24/7 local, expert support and service
  • Ideal for Call Center applications
Features of PRI:
  • High-speed, two-way bandwidth
  • Single phone line can have multiple numbers
  • Fast, error-free transmissions
  • Dynamically allocated channels

To find out more about PRI, contact us today at 643-0934.