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Business Applications

From convenient tools to new features that streamline daily tasks, our business applications help effectively manage your daily operations.

Office 365

Hawaiian Telcom presents Office 365.

Hawaii businesses can now access important applications online from any device with Microsoft Office 365. This means you can work anytime, anywhere with confidence that it's all backed by expert, local support from the team you already know and trust at Hawaiian Telcom.

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  • The latest versions of the Office Suite applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more
  • Online versions of Office plus the ability to install the applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs per user
  • Access to your business email, calendar and contacts from any device
  • Unlimited online meetings, instant messaging, video conferencing and screen sharing with Skype for Business
  • Activation, onboarding and migration assistance
  • 24/7 administrative support with help adding and managing users
  • 24/7 Office application support for end users

All this is delivered by our Microsoft Certified Technicians. Plus, support comes included in your low monthly subscription to Office 365, so you can focus on managing your business, not technology.

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Choose the Office 365 product that works best for your business:

Business Premium *Best Value* Business Business Essentials
Office Desktop: Full, installed desktop applicaitons for up to 5 devices per user + +

Automatic Office upgrades + +

Office Mobile: Apps for iPhone, Android and Windows phones and tablets + +

Office Online: Access to web versions of Word, Excel and more + + +
1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive + + +
Business class email and calendars using your domain name +

Online meetings, IM and HD video conferencing with Skype for Business +

Corporate social network and intranet site +

24/7 support with Hawaiian Telcom + + +
30-day free trial + +

Get started now.

Call us at 643-0866 and we will help you with all the necessary steps needed to get you and your company up and running with Office 365. Or you can purchase and install Office365 on your own through our online store.

Online Backup & Storage

Backup your computers, sync your files, and share anytime, anywhere — all in one complete and secure package.

Online Backup & Storage for endpoint protection combines the security and reliability of backup software with the synchronization, sharing and collaboration capabilities of a cloud storage solution.

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  • For most people, digital information can be the most important assets that they own. That’s why a complete data protection strategy, including data backup, is absolutely essential.
  • People also want a secure and convenient way to share files, photos and videos with co-workers, clients, family and friends, or to access their files anytime and anywhere from mobile devices.

Secure Encryption and Storage

  • Protect sensitive and private data from loss or theft
  • Files are encrypted locally, then sent using a secure connection
  • Data is kept in a high-security datacenter to prevent theft or breaches
  • Data remains encrypted while in storage and can’t be accessed without a password

Point-In-Time Recovery

  • Maintains multiple versions of files in case of viruses, file corruption and other common incidents
  • Point-in-time recovery capability lets you go back days, weeks or even months to restore a file
  • A robust, business-class backup service with all the features you need


  • Easy to restore & manage, thanks to an intuitive program interface
  • Only sends changed components of files, ensuring fast, efficient backups
  • Create both local and remote “versioned” backups of your critical data, ensuring that you can restore online or offline
  • Offline changes are automatically backed up when an Internet connection is detected
  • Easy-to-install, and runs in the background

Continuous Data Protection

  • Data is backed up instantly, every time you save a file
  • Backup data is always up-to-date
  • Never forget scheduling with automated back up

Get started now.

Call us at 643-0866 and we will help you with all the necessary steps needed to get you and your company up and running with Online Backup & Storage. Or you can purchase and install Online Backup & Storage on your own through our online store.