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Healthcare organizations need secure and reliable network services to support critical communications and applications, as well as regulatory compliance demands. To meet these needs, look to Hawaiian Telcom. Our voice solutions ensure that your organization can offer continuous accessibility to patients. Hawaiian Telcom’s Managed Network and Security Services ensure that data is secure and managed in conformance to business needs and in compliance with important regulatory requirements. We have the experience and expertise to help you design, install, and maintain a full network solution that can help improve patient care and simplify comprehensive regulatory compliance

Challenges Solutions
Reliable, secure information access and storage Healthcare organizations transmit and store vast amounts of information—almost all of which is confidential and HIPAA regulated. To speed uploads of large image files and quickly process large batches of patient claims, Hawaiian Telcom offers an array of High-Speed Internet Access and secure private network solutions. Managed Network and Managed Security services provide Always On, 24 x 7 network monitoring and reporting.
Reliable, scalable and flexible voice solutions Hearing a caring voice during times of crisis or a reassuring voice when facing the complexity of a large insurance claim make high-quality, reliable voice communication a critical foundation for providing quality patient service and care. From Hawaiian Telcom’s tried-and- true landline service to our state-of-the-art Hosted Voice service, we offer a range of capabilities to suit your needs no matter what size your organization or how widely spread across our Islands it may be. Our voice solutions can unify distributed offices, offer flexible remote access for staff and patients, and ensure that you are continuously available—even during times of emergency or disaster.
Compliance management and reporting Hawaiian Telcom offers a complete line of products that streamline and simplify regulatory compliance management and reporting. Our Professional and Managed Services teams can work with you to design solutions for your most complex network and security requirements. As an alternative, you can choose from a range of packaged security solutions that are fast to deploy and easy-to-use. These solutions continuously monitor who’s accessing your data and guard against security threats.
Why Hawaiian Telcom

Based in Hawaii. Based on local traditions. Hawaiian Telcom is devoted to helping our business neighbors achieve success through a complete suite of products and services and a commitment to personal relationships. With the most dynamic and redundant network in the state, we provide reliable communication services to Hawaii’s businesses.

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