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Nobody wants to wait for an answer when it comes to money. In today’s harried world, customers simply expect round-the-clock service by phone and online. At the same time, banks, credit unions, payment processors, and other financial institutions taking electronic payment transactions must race to stay ahead of ever-evolving security threats that can compromise customers’ personal information and your reputation. Hawaiian Telcom’s wide range of voice, high-speed data, and application services is backed by our Managed Security Services. All are designed to give your customers the secure service they demand and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Challenges Solutions
24 x 7 managed security for the most sensitive financial data The largest and most sophisticated companies are vulnerable to determined, well-organized and financially motivated, hackers gain access to sensitive personal and financial information. Managing large networks, remote branch locations and tens of thousands of daily transactions can strain even the largest and most intelligent organizations. Expand your security resources and streamline their work with Hawaiian Telcom as your partner. Our Professional and Managed Security Services teams add decades of experience to your expertise. We can help architect and execute a strategy to stump the most sophisticated hackers.
Reliable, scalable and flexible voice solutions Hawaiian Telcom offers the broadest choice in voice solutions available in Hawaii. We offer robust, premise-based equipment with services like interactive voice response (IVR) to improve customer service, the most advanced Hosted Voice systems to unify offices across the Islands, and secure IP voice service for remote workers. Hawaiian Telcom can help design a solution that serves your customers and your business.
The need for speed Financial institutions run on data, whether for online account access by customers, transaction processing, or routine business communications. A high-speed, high-availability network is essential for conducting your business. Hawaiian Telcom offers the most comprehensive range of advanced, next-generation network services to provide the bandwidth and reliability you need to deliver high levels of customer service and application performance.
Why Hawaiian Telcom

Based in Hawaii. Founded and operating on local traditions. Hawaiian Telcom is devoted to helping our business partners achieve success through a complete suite of products and services and a commitment to personal relationships. With the most dynamic and redundant network in the state, we provide reliable communication services to Hawaii’s businesses.

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