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Virtual Colocation

Hawaiian Telcom offers SystemMetrics’* Virtual Colocation Services that enable Hawaii’s enterprises to have their servers hosted in a trusted and secure external data center environment without needing to supply the physical equipment associated with traditional colocation models. These “virtualized” host servers are attached to high-performance, redundant Storage Area Networks (SANs) for customer data storage.

You no longer have to provide the physical servers, disk storage arrays, and backup solutions required in physical colocation scenarios. Your capital costs for the server environment are thus eliminated, as are the significant overhead and maintenance of a physical environment. With Virtual Colocation, your company receives the same benefits as traditional colocation, but can now apply their IT resources to network, computing power and disk storage, instead of leasing rackspace and power.

  • Eliminates capital costs associated with physical servers and their refresh cycles
  • Zero physical server maintenance
  • Rapid turn-up of virtual workstations and servers with no customer equipment requirements
  • Highly scalable server and workstation environment
  • Lower initial costs compared to traditional colocation of physical servers and equipment
  • Greater uptime via redundant, stable, virtual computing environment
  • Reduced power consumption and cooling costs
  • Virtual Systems are housed within SystemMetrics’ “Endeavor” fully redundant data center
  • Customer Virtual Servers and Workstations are automatically performance balanced in Virtual Colocation infrastructure
  • Ability to provide managed offsite backups of the virtual machines and restores of files, databases, or entire virtual machine
  • Rapid provisioning of test and development servers by reusing pre-configured systems, enhancing developer collaboration and standardizing development environments
  • Supports nearly all Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows 2003 and XP forward and Linux (RedHat / CentOS / Debian / SUSE 9, 10)
  • Virtualize Enterprise applications such Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL, Sharepoint, Oracle, Terminal Server, Citrix, and Web Servers
  • Customer existing physical servers can be quickly converted to virtual machines through server cloning process meaning no software to reload, rebuild, or reconfigure
  • Customers can create entire scalable virtual data centers without the upfront costs of infrastructure or ongoing infrastructure maintenance
  • 24x7x365 Engineering Support

*SystemMetrics is a subsidiary of Hawaiian Telcom. SystemMetrics Virtual Colocation Services, along with a portfolio of complete, turnkey IT solutions are all safely housed within the protected environment of SystemMetrics’ Endeavor data center facility.