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LifeSize Video

Businesses, now more than ever, are turning to new technologies to improve the way personnel collaborate and communicate — supporting the new distributed workforce. A combination of tools support company-wide collaboration, which include video conferencing, document sharing, instant messaging, social software, email and other similar technologies. Studies indicate that collaboration tools are helping organizations do more with less, increasing employee productivity cutting costs, improving service and speeding up results.

To help Hawaii’s businesses achieve their goals, Hawaiian Telcom has partnered with LifeSize Video to provide a wide range of collaboration tools to our customers. LifeSize’s rich video conferencing products are interoperable with common business software platforms, enabling users across the company to seamlessly connect over video, desktop clients and mobile devices from LifeSize Video systems to the desktop and vice versa. This allows company personnel to use a variety of communication services — including email, video, chat and phone — from a single user interface.

About LifeSize Video

LifeSize Video, a division of Logitech, believes in the power of video to help people do more while traveling less. The company designs and delivers high definition video communications products that provide a productive, true-to-life experience.

How Hawaiian Telcom’s Partnership with LifeSize Video benefits you:
  • Save time with one-stop shopping and a single point of contact
  • Productivity gains and cost savings from HD video calling in a collaborative environment
  • Powerful streaming, recording and auto-publishing capabilities
  • Scalability: LifeSize Video ensures solutions scale to meet company-wide needs
  • Ease of Deployment: Be up and running quickly

To find out more about Hawaiian Telcom and LifeSize Video, contact us today at 643-0934.