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Large Business & Government

Business PRI Services

Hawaiian Telcom offers our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) capability to help your business boost productivity by merging voice and data into a single, all-digital networking service.

PRI technology connects customers directly to our local network, and offers high-speed, high-capacity digital connectivity, intelligent call handling and Caller ID functionality. It is ideal for business offices already deploying a PBX, or for large call centers.

PRI provides a powerful local access service, clear digital voice quality and ISDN data capabilities, all on a single T-1 line — all without the additional expense of multiple dedicated circuits.

Benefits of PRI:
  • Increased efficiency and improved quality
  • Enhanced voice and data capabilities at an affordable price
  • Uses existing standard phone cabling
  • Extends the life of existing PBX systems
  • 24/7 local, expert support and service
  • Ideal for Call Center applications
Features of PRI:
  • High-speed, two-way bandwidth
  • Single phone line can have multiple numbers
  • Fast, error-free transmissions
  • Dynamically allocated channels

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