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Large Business & Government

Online Backup & Storage

Backup your computers, sync your files, and share anytime, anywhere — all in one complete and secure package.

Online Backup & Storage for endpoint protection combines the security and reliability of backup software with the synchronization, sharing and collaboration capabilities of a cloud storage solution.

  • For most people, digital information can be the most important assets that they own. That’s why a complete data protection strategy, including data backup, is absolutely essential.
  • People also want a secure and convenient way to share files, photos and videos with co-workers, clients, family and friends, or to access their files anytime and anywhere from mobile devices.

Secure Encryption and Storage

  • Protect sensitive and private data from loss or theft
  • Files are encrypted locally, then sent using a secure connection
  • Data is kept in a high-security datacenter to prevent theft or breaches
  • Data remains encrypted while in storage and can’t be accessed without a password

Point-In-Time Recovery

  • Maintains multiple versions of files in case of viruses, file corruption and other common incidents
  • Point-in-time recovery capability lets you go back days, weeks or even months to restore a file
  • A robust, business-class backup service with all the features you need


  • Easy to restore & manage, thanks to an intuitive program interface
  • Only sends changed components of files, ensuring fast, efficient backups
  • Create both local and remote “versioned” backups of your critical data, ensuring that you can restore online or offline
  • Offline changes are automatically backed up when an Internet connection is detected
  • Easy-to-install, and runs in the background

Continuous Data Protection

  • Data is backed up instantly, every time you save a file
  • Backup data is always up-to-date
  • Never forget scheduling with automated back up

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