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Large Business & Government

Switched Ethernet

Every successful business needs a solid, secure connection to the Internet. Hawaiian Telcom can provide you with exactly the bandwidth and speed you need, whether it’s for a simple Internet connection or the most data-intensive, mission-critical applications.

Our Switched Ethernet service is the simplest, most efficient way to communicate between business locations. Using native Ethernet connections, your business can rely on this proven technology to support a full range of applications.

Switched Ethernet provides a dynamic, robust, and scalable data transport method for Internet access, with firewall protection for data security and the highest quality of service.

Benefits of Switched Ethernet:
  • Easy implementation
  • Supports multiple customer sites and configurations
  • Plug-and-play flexibility and intelligent routing
  • Reduced need for protocol conversions and training
  • Choice of bandwidth options that best support your needs now and into the future
  • Highest-quality connections with less downtime
  • Supported by the most reliable, redundant network in Hawaii
Features of Switched Ethernet:
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multiple speeds available
  • Four priority levels to support voice, video, messaging, client/server applications, and bulk-transfer applications

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