Hawaiian Telcom University Presents:

Hosting a Revolution

March 5th, 2014 - Hawaii Convention Center

We’re grateful to our valued clients for helping make this year’s Hawaiian Telcom University event one of our most successful ever. If you were there you heard lively discussions by many of the top minds in the technology sector about the bright promise of the cloud computing revolution, and the ways it can be leveraged to improve business agility, manage costs and increase efficiency.

If you’d like to see any of the day’s workshops and discussions that you may have missed, or would simply enjoy revisiting them, we invite you the check them out below.

You can also view photos of the day’s events and watch some candid customer testimonials from Hawaiian Telcom University.


Keynote Address

Gary Hall
Chief Architect
Federal Intel Operation
Cisco Systems

The Internet of Everything – Connecting the Unconnected Anywhere. Any time. Any device. The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a revolutionary force bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. It’s a revolution that turns information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented opportunities to improve operations, decision making, and support capabilities.

Speakers, Workshops and Panel Discussions:

Grow Your Business with the Cloud

Ryan Miyamoto
Senior Product Manager, Business Markets
Hawaiian Telcom

The cloud revolution can help grow your business by saving you time and money. Discover how file storage, collaboration services, billing and invoicing, and payroll and accounting tools are just some of the ways the cloud is enabling businesses to compete with bigger businesses for a fraction of the cost and effort.

Recommended for Small & Medium Businesses.

Enterprise Cloud: Ready for Business

Jeff Coomans
Senior Manager, New Product Develelopment
Hawaiian Telcom

Cloud computing is moving beyond small companies, start-ups and software development to the era of full-scale enterprise deployments. Discover all the advantages of switching to the cloud as a cost-effective method of running resource-intensive applications and how the cloud provides a revolutionary alternative to traditional IT.

Recommended for Large Businesses and Government.

Google Your Way to Success

Dan Cilen
Account Manager
The Search Agency
Brian Free
Senior Account Manager
The Search Agency

AdWords made Google a huge success and is one of the most widely used and most profitable methods of digital advertising available. Find out how this popular form of pay-per-click advertising and others can revolutionize your business and enable you to get your ads seen by the biggest potential audience.

Recommended for Small & Medium Businesses.

Cloud & Hosting: Building the Case for Change

Earl Ford

IT is evolving faster than ever before and this can create opportunities and challenges for your business. In the midst of this constant change, discover how the cloud and hosting can be a revolutionary part of your business processes allowing the IT team to become partners, advisors, and innovators with a strategic focus for success.

Recommended for Large Businesses and Government.

Don’t Be a Target

Stephan Tallent
President CISSP, FCNSP Director, Managed Security Service
Providers - Americas

Cyber-security breaches like the Target credit card and CryptoLocker exploits are becoming more common place and spreading faster than ever. Learn the best practices for detecting security risks and protecting customer information. Technology is ever evolving and so should your security posture.

Recommended for Small & Medium Businesses.

The Secure Cloud

Scott Lambert
Director of Threat Research
for HP Security Research
Hewlett Packard

Securing data and processes in cloud environments, or even just ones that touch the cloud, can be tricky. Despite the promise of clouds to deliver unprecedented business efficiencies, precious little is known about how to assess security risks, let alone which applications are better candidates for the cloud. Learn how your business can assess current security risks in cloud environments.

Recommended for Large Businesses and Government.

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