Connecting with the gifts of nature

Christian Albano

Electric Equipment Installer/Beekeeper

Is honey worth risking a sting or two? Absolutely. It’s a gift of nature that Christian loves to share.

Although he hasn’t been a beekeeper for long, Christian has already become part of the hive’s cycle of life. Every three weeks or so, he visits his 24 hives on a family ranch near Hilo and harvests honey. He’s fascinated by the community of bees and what they accomplish together. And he gets a real feeling of satisfaction when someone’s eyes light up as they try the delicious product of his work.

In ways big and small, we make a difference.

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Connecting with Tradition

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Connecting with Future Generations

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Connecting with Aloha

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Connecting with The Cosmos

As we have done since time began, we look to the sky and find inspiration.

Connecting with Family

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Connecting with Music

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Connecting with Change

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