Connecting with FAMILY

Ann Nishida Fry

Corporate Communications Senior Manager/Proud Mom

Ann's mother took her to Bon Dance celebrations when she was a child, and now she takes her own daughter and son. It’s a reminder to her of what’s truly important in life.

Like Hawaii itself, a Bon Dance welcomes people of all backgrounds. Whether the steps are familiar or totally new, each dancer soon finds the rhythm and all feel connected together.

Our lives move to a rhythm that welcomes all.

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Connecting with Tradition

Hula is life. The dance of Hawaii transcends time.

Connecting with Future Generations

Replanting native forests creates a conversation with generations to come.

Connecting with Aloha

A lei is the outward manifestation of the aloha in our hearts.

Connecting with The Cosmos

As we have done since time began, we look to the sky and find inspiration.

Connecting with Music

When players and instruments are in perfect harmony, it’s magic.

Connecting with Change

Joining together, people are empowered to make a difference.

Connecting with The Gifts of Nature

The beekeeper becomes part of the hive’s cycle of life and creation.

Connecting with Our Legacy

Maintaining ancient fishponds, we honor the monuments of those who came before us.

Connecting with The Elements

A Hawaii waterman feels most at home among the wind, waves and wonders of the ocean.